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new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 5/10/02 The world goes down the swanny...

Suicide bombings, continued Al-Qaeda activity, Archduke Ferdinand-style Euro executions, Come back Clinton, all's forgiven. Oh, except for this pretty perturbing statistic I just read: in 1999, the most recent year for which statistics are available, 28,874 Americans were killed with guns. Reflect on that for a moment. That Star Wars sequel had better be head & shoulders above its laconic predecessor.

Some photies including the debut of NG. Cheers to Niall for sending on some reputable Garrett wedding photies.

Having expanded my newspaper umbrella from the (London) Times to the New York Times, Washington Post & Grauniad, I have a chance to pit the NYT against its older sibling. A daft story of pesky pike in Northern California eluding human attempts to be massacred provides an interesting comparison. Round one: The Times 1, NYT 0.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 5/8/02 Another one bites the dust...

A disposable camera was lost in the thick fog of the Pearl St Housewarming. No amount of laser light has led to its whereabouts. If anyone's seen it, I appeal to you to let the public see the beauty of that particular night. Meanwhile, if you're out there in deepest Philly, Shiv, take a gander at the stats -- Skankmeister is on the ascendant.

Where is FlatEric?

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 5/2/02 Usurped! 

Shiv has outfrostied frosties itself, in a brilliant display of wry-comments-with-expandable-thumbnail-photies, focusing on Adam&Simon's party. Worth a visit (after 5/2). The DJ set went without hiccup & was critically acclaimed but not exactly popular. Perhaps it was missing a fog machine/laser? This weekend should prove that particular experiment.

Recent UK trip documented here, including the worst wedding shot of my (not inconsiderable) photographic experience. No photos from this morning's comedy experience

Another new player?
Wolf Camera has upped its prices to an extortionate $16 per set of photies+cd, so if anyone has any ideas for photies lettuce no, or else it's snapfishhereicome.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 4/11/02 eJay 

Badger me if I'm not finding myself writing a utility for converting a RMP file to M3U. Did 2 mins of surfing & thought it would be easier to write one. Anyway, the reason? The Honeybadgerz project (OK, more an attempt to emulate the Avalanches than the animal itself) has kicked off in earnest. Get it yourself.

Corporate Whore? What for?

Some utterly non-descript noncery based around Kelley & Steph's joint (but distinctly separate) birthday on April 2. A definite lack of photographic editing. Must get the digital camera fixed for such scenes ("Let's get another angle on my double chin!").

Player du mois? Click ici. Le Pen in second round? Zut alors!

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 4/11/02 Under a lobster red sky 

Life is swings & roundabouts at the mo'. Job is in the toilet, but personally things are nae so bad. Just came back from a glorious trip to Blighty blessed by constant sunshine, family/friends and good chocolate. Last night I found myself under a typically never-ending Colorado sky playing footy for Madras. Tonight Spiritualized/BRMC in town & tomorrow off to San Fran for the w/e. 

Well well well, if it isn't our old friend Mr Pearl St Party (more a soiree than a party in truth) disposable camera, previously considered lost.

New housemate as player? Whodathortit?

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 4/4/02 Spring forward

The Oscars were generally pants again this year. Yes, yes, great to see the racial imbalance addressed etc, but did Halle Berry nearly have to outannoy Julia Roberts in the overreaction department? Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, the scrawny dullard appears herself (in the guise of giving an award to Denzel Washington) to blubber forth with "Oh God I love my life". Here's to her career going the way of George Lazenby's...

Quite how we had such a large gathering and only made off with one photy is something for its organiser to lament. Anyway, for the conclusion of all things luvvy go ye here.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 3/28/02 "Though my body gets tired...

My mind does it no favours at all/And there's so little time/To do something, something, anything more" [J Pierce]. Words have scarcely been more apt for the last week (and beyond, perhaps). "Have a real good life".

Another new player with a Scortish surname? Shorely Shome Mishtake, Miss Funnyfanny?

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 3/22/02 Bill Peden RIP

Bill Peden has died. He will be sorely missed by anyone who knew him.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 3/13/02 Settling in

Last ever Gaylord photies from the hasty exit party & a trip to check out the snow in Lake Tahoe.

JB & I found ourselves in the misery of a Kmart shopping trip for house stuff the other day. Just as we were feeling sapped of the very will to live, a (middle-aged female)  angel came from the adjacent aisle declaring that she was "so happy". After JB inquired if the lady in question was "high on life, or other external influences" the woman defended her felicity by exclaiming that "I'm so happy to have all these savings". Joy is clearly a subjective emotion.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 3/1/02 And so it came to pass

Along with noncemanchild Tartley, I failed to organise the DSL in Pearl St. Apparently the phone company (Qwest) requires 2 weeks until they can find the lever to pull the switch (the house already having had DSL a few months ago, it must be a particularly tricky operation). How we managed to move house on the day of a 10 inch snow blizzard is something the gods of misfortune can only be smirking about.

Anyway, a thousand grazie, as usual, to Nixta, who has come to frosties aid in a time of (Tartley-induced) need.

The Vail house has seen a continuous party of varying repute. An old-but-new player?

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 2/20/02 End of an era

All that romance stuff is done with, now it's time to get down to business. To wit, the end of Gaylord Central is within a hair's breath. A final batch of mulled wine will see the old place off. The question remains as to whether the landlady considers vomit stains to be an impediment to returning the deposit intact. As of late Feb 28, the site will be down for a few days while Tartley figures out the DSL in the new house.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 2/8/02 Debt Ahoy!

Some January japes based around Ash' Bachelor thingy & various related happenings. It's at this point that I have to reveal that I've decided to join the great society of debtors, in spite of the obvious folly of such an idea. The Gaylord Massive is relocating, expanding as fast as the EU and renaming itself to the Pearl Street Posse.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 2/4/02 February Frugality

Large changes are looming on the frosties horizon. Yet more xmas (or thereabouts)  events. Is that a new player I see before me?

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 1/23/02 Christmas Hangovers

Pre / Post-xmas excitement, xmas itself and New Year Noncery. I fear it's the end for the public NYE celebrations. Other than the usual Champs Elysees crowd-crushing, one of our group got attacked for an expensive camera. After successfully repelling the potential larcenists the scene turned surreal. Water pistols were shot through the freezing air in our direction as a general "fous la camp". The problem was that they contained some sort of WWI liquid acid weapon, causing temporary blindness, beesting pain & general nausea. C'est la vie, eh?

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 1/11/02 Clearing the backlog

No recession in the frosties photo vault. A monster night out for J.Be's b'day (the big three oh) back in December. Not a spewfest as promised but an EU-surplus amount of booze was necked as numbers swelled into the forties for this 12 hour pub crawl along the seedy side of town (E Colfax). I've tried on several occasions to get a photo of each pub/drink, and this attempt was every bit as unsuccessful as previous efforts.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 1/8/02 Bonne Annee / Alles Gut in Neue Jahr

In spite of lost film (featuring Great Ocean Road footage), everything from Thanksgiving to Melbn / Sydney and in between. Something of a frantic last month, Australia & Europe trips, J.Be's b'day, Christmas in Blighty, moving into Vail house, skiing. Time is being crunched, the Honeybadger project is being delayed.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 12/17/01 Bah! humbug

Life's been a tad blurry of late, but not even I could forget a couple of Autumnal trips to San Fran, including the birthdays of Alexis &, but a mere 7 days later, Alex.

Things have been getting pretty ugly in the recently-emigrated friend department, as an IMHO Rant can attest -- whatever happened to the xmas spirit? 

New player?

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 12/05/01 Paradise Lost

Just come back from a 10 day sojourn of sun in Sydney & mayhem in Melbourne, where an entire roll of film, a gem in the crown, was lost at sea. Expect an outpouring of emotion on a Princess Di-like scale. Just as well the court photographer, Percy, managed to shoot off an extra roll at the nixta departure party, after I had done the first one

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 11/16/01 Something in your eyes

Was so inviting...something in our voices was so inciting. In addition to Halloween horseplay in SF, Karaoke clumsiness at Armida's straight after an inaugural salsa lesson. It was a seemingly perfect karaoke venue, just outside downtown and sketchy enough to detract 'professional' singers (the looks of Celine Dion, the moves of a koala and the sound of a strangled cat). We were practically escorted off from such a serious K place the last time ($300 to the lamest, er, most talented singer). But even a seedy location couldn't save us from a bewildered crowd, unsure whether to laugh, cry or take to the hills at such stock manoeuvres as writhing around on the floor uncontrollably, or the old going-into-the-crowd-for-an-impromptu-lapdance move. 

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 11/06/01 Nick Furness -- setting sail at last

Still recovering from the latest Gaylord party, Nixta is finally orf this week. This means that is down the pan (specifically, it's speeding through the Autumn night in a van bound for NYC driven by Vinny & Jimmy) and with it the hosting of my site is finito. This has forced me back out onto the vagaries of the market. Specifically, I've had to settle for second best -- that's right, Linux lurks beneath the frosties sheen. Still, this threatening cloud might actually have the silver lining of a fully functional GaylordCam once more. Stay tuned. 'Til then, check out this Autumnal Action.

Ye gads, what's going on with the climate this year? Denver, city of sin & snow, feels globally warmer than it should (every day is 70F in November, confusing the aviary population into decamping to Canada for winter). We'll just have to compensate for the lack of snow.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 10/31/01 Nightmare: Groundhog Day

Anyone going to the BBC/CNN/whatevershoddynewsserviceyouuse -- allow me to introduce the news for the forseeable future:-

"Allied Northern Alliance Anthrax Air Attacks Pounding High Alert Stronghold Ground Troops". I know, I know, it's all important. So in the spirit of this unchanging headline, frosties has yet more photies from the London trip as its own ode to repetition.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 10/24/01 October Zest

Just when I thought the photographic diarrhea was over, it appears to be defying the season and blasting through autumn. There is still another batch to do. As ever, thanks to Al & Jane for sponsoring for the London weekend. Will be looking for Al & Flange to commit in Oz come Thanksgiving.

Ooh, looks like there are a couple of new players on the scene, including a  canine character larger than his frame, as well as a bouncy bird with a long tongue. Shocking.

More IMHO Ranting & Music action.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 10/18/01 The fear

Fortunes have waxed and waned a tad over the last week. After a blinder of a trip to Blighty (family/club/pub type activities -- photies to follow in due course), I came back to feel the force of an as-yet-to-be-determined illness which exhibits flu-like symptoms. Could it be the big 'A'?? Anyway, 'til the Blighty ones stream through feast yer eyes on Elizabeth's birthday.

The fate of Real Madras now hangs in the balance, mere weeks after the  crowning triumph of our league victory. After a series of what I believe is termed 'disappointing results' (15 consecutive losses), team captain and all round oirish legend Ray "tatties" O'Connell has thrown in the towel. In his own words to the team, "you're all sh**, I'm quitting" and the great man feels he cannot muster up the strength to carry on.

Crowning of another kind occurred within the confines of my mouth yesterday. Smoke was billowing out from the rubble of my teeth as the dentist went "crazy with the cheezewiz" in the drilling department. Note to self: go back in time and cut down on 1.5 litres of coke per day consumption between ages 15-25. The jumper hiding my mouth now serves a purpose.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 10/10/01 Flying overseas, no time to feel the breeze

There simply can't be a safer time to fly than now. So in my bid to get enough airmiles to go down to Australia for the wedding of Captain James "SoftCock" Sanders, I'm off to Blighty for the weekend. Should anything untoward occur, know ye this -- Labour Day weekend was celebrated in Californian quasi-white trash style on a houseboat.

It's time to whinge about our cleaner. Not content with being a thieving gypsy (where oh where did my goggles go?), she's moved into slyly repositioning things like bread into the bathroom and condoms onto the, erm, bookshelves. Perplexing. And Nick says she's jammed the plates in so tightly that he cannae get them out.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 08/10/01 Emerging from workathon

Been a bit holed up, deep in the salt mines of SchlumbergerSema for a couple of weeks. Occupational hazard of being a button-pusher. A few straggly photies from a trip to Carmel/SF and the awe-inspiring victory of Real Madras at the tail-end of summer.

Is the recession going to affect I fear so...IMHO Rant to follow...

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 21/9/01 Dinner Party Malarky

A dinner party to celebrate the arrival of autumn and empty the wine stocked in our fridge. Nickles brought the sound recorder for posterity...there are some mp3s that should offend anyone between the ages of zero and two hundred. And a piccy or two of an amusing Winter Park biking misadventure. Spot the new player.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 14/9/01 More Birthday Buffoonery

One would have to reach back possibly even further than 1970 to find the DOB for Mr R Younger, aka the Iron Monger, but no further than the Wash Park Grille to see birthday-type activities. Cathy also threw a pink slip party (amongst other things) all over Steph's house, which comically nearly ended in fisticuffs ("I'll take 7, er, 4 of you on!", youknowwhoyouare).

Rant spot of In My Humble Opinion (IMHO) is up & ready to court  controversy.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 3/9/01 Birthday Bash

1970, a vintage year for celebrating thirty, erm, one years later, after some noncing around in Georgetown/Idaho Springs. The music section of In My Humble Opinion (IMHO) is kind of up, general rant page still todo.

Television -- not sure how much we use ours, but I have noticed that, upon switching it on a few times in the last week, the channel always seems to come up in Espanol. Neither Sean nor JB speak English fluently, let alone a foreign tongue (though Seanie obviously tries). What is the allure? I have a flatmate who is content to gawp at the 1880s sexism that is Latin American / Italian TV (read: 50 year old suited, plump bloke flanked by birds spilling out of luminous dresses) without understanding a word. Next time, use the DSL (Direct Sleaze Link). 

As Nbci, former webhome, have ditched their lovely little counter service I was forced onto the vagaries of the open market. We live in harsh times, where customers have to actually part with (ten) hard-earned (somewhere) dollars to get a newie. Anyway, it's all back on, so I know not only your browser type & operating system (JB, Linux is up to 40 out of twenty seven thousand hits), but also your shoe size and childhood memories.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 26/8/01 Red Rocks Romp

Ron/Mel/Emily visit from Blighty, as well as the tail end of the trip to SF. What to do with people from England who choose not to visit in ski season? Dispatched Ron & Mel on an Aspen-Ouray-GrandCanyon-Santa Fe circular road trip. Denver itself is not exactly replete with touristy things to do beyond going to sports games, but Red Rocks/Lookout Mtn does make an amusing afternoon out. Especially when boosted by a "Chariots Of Fire"-style scampering up the amphitheatre seats race with JB. Rounded off with a Wash Park picnic.

Photies from waybackwhen (March/April).

Plug for friendsreunited (only for Blighty folk), with the reservation that they try to fleece you for a fiver to see other people's email addresses. Workaround: stuff your address in the notes section & use <> before "." or "@" (or some similarly cunning scheme).

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 17/8/01 Looking for America

A never-ending road trip from Denver to San Francisco, passing through Wyoming, Salt-Lake City, a jolly big desert, Tahoe & Sacramento. Driving 19 hours straight to Tahoe gave new meaning to the term "Redbull Hangover" (the jitters accompanied by the feeling that your mouth has been dissolved by hydrochloric acid). Washed down by a luxury stay in Lake Tahoe & a boozy party in SF, where Libby was on the last leg of her world holiday travels.

Some leftovers from the Nebraskan noncery / Ouray adventures, sort of an Amnesiac (ie better than the first crop).

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 10/8/01 Summer moves on

A far out trip to deepest Nebraska results in sunburn, spiritual enlightenment and the marriage of John "Foobar" Fowler to his rather attractive bird, Nickie. My first land trip east of Denver and I'm not sure if there's enough incentive to make the sequel. Didn't catch sight of any wigwams, but there is a stench to die for on the Colorado/Nebraska border. Particularly if you happen to be a cow. Lexington proved itself amply in the American small town department. We waited in the square beneath the clock tower but no Libyan terrorists came rushing by in a VW van.

What's all this, then? Some new players. Yes, yes, it's in need of a scrubbing but hell, this is a personal website and is not meant to have been updated since January 1996. And where's the black border & midi file? More Ouray/weeding photies are still at the cleaners -- never take your ex-flatmate's film out of the fridge, only to discover that it's slide film requiring processing to be done by a 96 year old blind woman in southern Sicily (cheers, Al).

JB  & I are going the knuckle on hotornot.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 2/8/01 A Midsummer Night's Scream

A party to celebrate the departure of Katie was dragged into the mud by some powerful fruit-on-the-outside/firewater-within concoctions made by her erstwhile flatmate, Lindsay. Inevitably, the police wanted a piece of the action and events were terminated in the wee hours. Still got Nebraskan wedding, fondue & Californian road trip photies coming out of the wazoo.

Thanks to the efforts of my web presentation tutor Justin Thomas (, the site is undergoing metamorphosis, shedding its 1980s HTML 1x skin and slipping into something more slinky, albeit firmly rooted in the last century -- Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Although undoubtedly stylish (and certainly handy for making sweeping changes), the name seems to conjure up images of sheets billowing down from damsel-holding mediaeval towers. Computer language inventors are compulsive liars. Hypertext doesn't really warp past your eyes, Java doesn't herald from misty mountains in the Andes and XML is certainly not going to get chopped by censors.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 19/7/01 Back in the Gutter

Not many people could tell me what it was about, but celebrations took place on & around July 4. Either way, the fireworks do not hold a candle to Nov 5 in Blighty

My coworkers, congenial intellects that they are, have been flexing their, erm, wits and catching me in unreal positions. And then humiliating me.

not new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 19/7/01 See Archive for old stuff

Old scraps are in Archive

(not) new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 07/12/99 Phil "eas" Penn is back

After a six month hiatus he's back. What's the story? All will be revealed in

Back and in need of food. Coming soon: Marmite Cooking


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