Dec/Jan III '01/02

Xmas eve in the Bott, dinner chez nous

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bozz_mum_dad.jpg (119374 bytes)
Mum & Dad getting serious on the xmas eve food mum_dad.jpg (136012 bytes)
Who's red? me_libbs.jpg (135056 bytes)
No Californian Christmas me_kt.jpg (142316 bytes)
Bob sprays chloroform on his hair bozz_riffy.jpg (112716 bytes)
Riffy's not fooled: Hezz riffy_hezz.jpg (152333 bytes)
Those steroids better not make me sterile wallpaper.jpg (145898 bytes)
Foodfest bozz_mum_dad.jpg (119374 bytes)
Champagne & pressies mum_kt_libbs.jpg (155426 bytes)
Xmas day proceedings bozz_champers.jpg (141924 bytes)
Libbs showing off her winter tan libbs.jpg (139890 bytes)
Bozz gives it someothat bob_libbs.jpg (128070 bytes)
Hezz, betraying his would-be Detroit rapper background hezz.jpg (135852 bytes)
Bozz' office, some obscure view out the back... bob_st_pauls.jpg (74580 bytes)
Impromptu soupcon, supported by Katie & Danica cooking_soup.jpg (155253 bytes)
Directing the aspiring American actress in Altman-esque tragicomedy directing.jpg (116698 bytes)
Kelly pitches in with her lean cuisine kelly_cooks.jpg (108570 bytes)
Scotia sneaks in me_kt_scotia.jpg (97011 bytes)
Katie discovers you really do need a ticket to travel on the Tube tube_barry.jpg (147548 bytes)
Australian property tycoons plan their next purchase property_magnates.jpg (117535 bytes)
Katie's friend Danica refuses to face the music seanie_kt.jpg (132756 bytes)
Shiv breaks out the bubbly for his frosties debut shiv_champers.jpg (130350 bytes)
Bland is back on the scene after a lengthy absence in schmookums-land bland_single.jpg (112952 bytes)
Tonks in his now familiar role of couch crasher tonks_couch.jpg (125140 bytes)

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