May II '02

Sunny w/e in SF, more Pearl St horseplay

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percy_moi.jpg (179505 bytes)
What do you mean, sh** agent? John comes along to Spiritualized for some whiteboyguitarmusic sh__agent.jpg (142592 bytes)
Nipple Girl breaks onto the scene jb_ng.jpg (130545 bytes)
Is there anyone immune to NG's hold? ng_shiv_jb.jpg (128999 bytes)
Oh yes post_spiritualized.jpg (130908 bytes)
Chris admits that Kelley is his very own Diana Ross. kelley_chris.jpg (126254 bytes)
"Bark like a dog" The continuing modeling adventures of Lindsay lindsay_scarfs_pitta.jpg (167364 bytes)
Erstwhile flatmate January comes down to make a cameo appearance in 2am Pearl Zone january.jpg (161359 bytes)
The moaning after in_dreams.jpg (51614 bytes)
Katie watches the fog roll in katie_apt.jpg (197888 bytes)
Lexy lexy.jpg (115124 bytes)
No sh***ole is the Bay katie_bay.jpg (143997 bytes)
Daft me_beach.jpg (179034 bytes)
Mad cycle ride to Marin Headland beach me_beach2.jpg (127952 bytes)
Martini madness with Blakers me_blakeley.jpg (164868 bytes)
Sam struggles to satiate this bevvy of black-topped birds sam_girls.jpg (206289 bytes)
Oishi-des me_katie.jpg (174504 bytes)
Dina & Chris after a MOMA investigation into Klein blue dina_chris.jpg (192099 bytes)
Brekky in bed! brekky_in_bed.jpg (126396 bytes)
Adam introduces us to the wine scene bakers_group.jpg (201867 bytes)
Funky Buddha, Adam's date neatly cut off from the photy adam_shiv_becky.jpg (179268 bytes)
Undermining Percy's interview technique percy_moi.jpg (179505 bytes)
"What's this funny coloured beer?" Wayne struggles with the wine tasting concept, in spite of Mindy's assistance wayne_mindy.jpg (136431 bytes)
The Pearl St sofas have done their bit to keep people out of their own homes, as Red Scarf & Shiv know oh so well shiv_red_couches.jpg (225932 bytes)
Good old Wolf Camera. They have included in my snaps the photo of a totally random wedding shot. I'm guessing it's a second wedding, not many people there and what was she thinking with that dress? random_wedding.jpg (190590 bytes)

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