Jan II '02

A few snaps from the Ash bachelor thingy that frankly don't deserve to grace any other page

Click on image for bigger picture.  

ash_kylie.jpg (116686 bytes)
Bob & Riffy, a 12 hour planeride and then forcefed fondue bob_riffy.jpg (146698 bytes)
Katie & JB kt_jb.jpg (115167 bytes)
Shiv & Barrett: the face of American youth? me_barrett_shiv.jpg (110793 bytes)
JB surprisingly engaging in conversation with the opposite sex grinning_grizly.jpg (186030 bytes)
Ash scores Kylie ash_kylie.jpg (116686 bytes)
The Australians looking suitably shifty seanie_percy.jpg (103688 bytes)
Americans out again! shiv_barrett.jpg (116069 bytes)
Wayne and his big mouth wayne_lance.jpg (136132 bytes)
Lightweight shandy-drinking Southerners team_sa.jpg (122462 bytes)
JB receives counselling upon hearing that the trip is to Polyesters mayhem.jpg (205129 bytes)
Dodging it for the Breck Brew Pub me_kt2.jpg (107548 bytes)
Nick, Bob & Riffy around Pete's bob_nick.jpg (114299 bytes)
Dani me_dani.jpg (188443 bytes)
Garden of the gods kt_garden2.jpg (116505 bytes)
me_garden.jpg (108454 bytes)
Small scale Redrocks garden.jpg (97630 bytes)
kt_garden1.jpg (111383 bytes)
me_kt_garden.jpg (85971 bytes)

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