July II '01

Jon & Nickie get hitched in deepest Nebraska. An out of season fondue.

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john_nikki.jpg (53437 bytes)
Thick wool suits -- perfect for basking in the afternoon Nebraskan swelter fest adam_me.jpg (77154 bytes)
Tubber Patterson makes a rare (albeit brief) appearance with Heidi group_church.jpg (80586 bytes)
Holiday in the jacuzzi jacuzzi.jpg (78074 bytes)
Jason & Adam attempt to recreate tennis ball containers of years past jason_adam.jpg (60353 bytes)
Marshmallows fail to ward off the attendent colonies of ants the next day, but succeed in keeping Jason from yabbering for a while jason_me.jpg (56924 bytes)
No cows but plenty of concrete. Jill & Camille enjoy the relaxing surroundings of the car park jill_concrete.jpg (75946 bytes)
Todd looks a tad perturbed todd_anguish.jpg (86657 bytes)
C'est la fin? john_nikki.jpg (53437 bytes)
And they numbered three hundred jon_nikki_outside.jpg (80619 bytes)
Lexington, NE me_tracks.jpg (91268 bytes)
Katie attempts to stand by me kt_tracks.jpg (95988 bytes)
Shortly before being ejected from the neighbouring pool (Katie tried a bribe but the motel owner tells her   pool.jpg (86144 bytes)
Innit for the money profit.jpg (121501 bytes)
Birds. On the sofa. birds_on_sofa.jpg (61126 bytes)
Bitsy mistakes fondue for a ouija board bitsy_heather_kt.jpg (77003 bytes)
Shawna chimes in, drops out and falls over shawna.jpg (71964 bytes)
The holy trinity: Welsh, Swiss & Belgian fondues trough.jpg (85865 bytes)
The webcam comes to (blurry) life webcam2.jpg (60648 bytes)
Renee wonders if it's Nick or the hunchback of (1590) 10 Downing Street webcam3.jpg (64056 bytes)
<insert double-entendre here> katie.jpg (70864 bytes)

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