Nov IV '01

One party picture too many

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in_trouble.jpg (100140 bytes)
Brooke lands another brooke.jpg (103861 bytes)
It all briefly makes sense couch.jpg (107899 bytes)
Losing my way a tad in_trouble.jpg (100140 bytes)
Greg Scott drops in for his annual Gaylord visitation jb_greg.jpg (78401 bytes)
January & Dave me_dave_january.jpg (96752 bytes)
Sharing out the lurve me_january.jpg (104942 bytes)
Showing Razz the moves me_razz.jpg (92821 bytes)
Ooh er, vicar me_steph.jpg (112245 bytes)
The door is closed for the benefit of the police me_steph_bad.jpg (95132 bytes)
Random bloke giving it someothat oy.jpg (91881 bytes)
Percy slips in percy.jpg (149735 bytes)
G & T for that on-the-bench existence renee_gin.jpg (96487 bytes)
Beer goggles renee_glasses.jpg (96745 bytes)
Jess as Britney shiv_britney.jpg (103233 bytes)
Stacey, mightily better off than before stacey.jpg (86786 bytes)
Carnage the next morning carnage.jpg (119643 bytes)

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