Apr I '02

Housewarming (Part Un) and assorted photographic Pearls

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house.jpg (152749 bytes)
JB and Simon/Adam's moving truck jb_moving.jpg (139609 bytes)
Gaylord Revisited (12 hours, lots of shifting & a missed South/Elbow gig later) jb_gaylord.jpg (197409 bytes)
The old Gaylord Massive move into Pearl St gaylord_massif.jpg (106379 bytes)
The Pearl St Posse (er, need to redo this one under more sober/photogenic conditions) house.jpg (152749 bytes)
Elizabeth & Renee dazzle elizabeth_renee.jpg (149295 bytes)
Barrett steps aside while Catie gets in Alia's face for the housewarming soiree catie_barrett_alia.jpg (134695 bytes)
Redscarf Jodi wonders what she's wandered into rich_jodi.jpg (143532 bytes)
Chris 'catches' Kelley. Or so he thought... chris_kelley.jpg (125068 bytes)
Fran's packet-losing camera jb_fran.jpg (131779 bytes)
Struggle for the sofa  fran_group.jpg (118946 bytes)
JB breaks through the human barricade me_jb_kt.jpg (105603 bytes)
Ian explains Northern Soul to Steph ian_steph.jpg (161618 bytes)
Lindsay acts marsupial to get close to Flat Eric jb_lindsay_kt.jpg (114304 bytes)
Black(haired) Beauties kt_shannon.jpg (144374 bytes)
lindsay_justin_me.jpg (158508 bytes)
One self-taken shot too many me_kt_shiv.jpg (132717 bytes)
Shiv dreams of the lady in red. Or does he? shiv_blonde_bird.jpg (126677 bytes)
shiv_kelley_eric.jpg (129386 bytes)
Shiv with the magic boots shiv_eric_lindsay.jpg (178939 bytes)
"Quiet night in" lindsay_jb.jpg (133849 bytes)
Narcissism beckons us once again me_jb_lindsay.jpg (132230 bytes)
Getting paternal with Bob me_bob_the_builder.jpg (176296 bytes)
me_lindsay_jb.jpg (141130 bytes)
A tad Blair Witch jb_me.jpg (205257 bytes)

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