July I '01

July 4 pool party chez Elizabeth & Erica joins the growing list of emigres from Denver

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almost_famous_close.jpg (54796 bytes)
Almost Famous-esque leap into the pool below on July 4 almost_famous2.jpg (118281 bytes)
Well maybe almost_famous2_closeup.jpg (48880 bytes)
The bigger picture. Renee & JB ponce it up, I fall like a sack of potatoes. almost_famous.jpg (126762 bytes)
Elizabeth & her wonderful pool elizabeth_pool.jpg (97611 bytes)
Invigorating me_pool.jpg (93151 bytes)
Renee "Redbull" Larson...time to update that players page. renee_kt.jpg (56587 bytes)
No drunken debauchery going on here, no sirree. elizabeth_jb_me.jpg (81426 bytes)
Ash in extremely rare non-GQ position in Cruise Room to bid Erica 'ci vediamo' ash_seanie.jpg (68253 bytes)
Not seen out as a crew since '96 -- Liesl & Roger 'bossman' Carribine cary_liesl_erica_roger.jpg (84180 bytes)
Propped up gang.jpg (84169 bytes)
Gurny on the, erm, make gurny.jpg (65975 bytes)
JB, exuding happiness jb_happy.jpg (42711 bytes)
Katie up on Keystone mountain kt_biking.jpg (82227 bytes)
The Blightymobile soldiers on kt_blighty.jpg (106950 bytes)
Looked like a good idea at the time... me_snow_cannon.jpg (122612 bytes)
kt_keystone.jpg (77602 bytes)
July 4 me_4_july.jpg (97930 bytes)
Not a carpet/curtain matching pair me_erica.jpg (75899 bytes)
One out of two isn't bad me_kt.jpg (82276 bytes)
Pete is enthralled pete_adam_camille_kim.jpg (69807 bytes)
Sean reveals how he started going out with Kelly... sean_john.jpg (69348 bytes)
...Greenbacks rachelle_kelly_kt.jpg (83350 bytes)
Adam, believing himself to be attached to his mobile phone roger_adam.jpg (71940 bytes)

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