May I '02

Short trip back to Blighty, ostensibly for Garrett's wedding

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libbs_angle.jpg (193706 bytes)
After a greasy spoon brekky, straight off to Camden me_lock.jpg (141054 bytes)
Into Camden Market/Lock on the hunt for a pimp jacket. Located for a tenner. libbs_camden_bridge.jpg (128747 bytes)
Libbs, the upcoming Edinburgh director/playwright takes a break from her hectic luvvy schedule to spend time with bro' libbs_angle.jpg (193706 bytes)
Mater & Pater on the Backs mum_dad.jpg (126216 bytes)
Too chilly for punting mum_me.jpg (229051 bytes)
Not sure what Dad's upto in this one dad.jpg (216122 bytes)
That couch, those characters, looks like they're one dual-headed jeansey creature al_jane.jpg (165705 bytes)
Making sense is never easy me_blower.jpg (125333 bytes)
Trying to photo Al's hair? al.jpg (119317 bytes)
Meeting Garrett in the Ciren(cester) garrett_ciren.jpg (143575 bytes)
Minutes prior to wedding, Garrett in removing-label-from-suit action garrett_new_suit.jpg (130371 bytes)
Not the best aisle shot I've ever done...Garrett with Kate garrett_kate.jpg (171461 bytes)
Little change on yesteryear dave.jpg (171801 bytes)
The, erm, graduates group.jpg (183222 bytes)
dave_mary_me_niall.jpg (164126 bytes)
Mary shines on mary.jpg (162283 bytes)
Mike actually makes a cracking speech mike_angela.jpg (114006 bytes)
Niall "The Rock" Guiness niall.jpg (103800 bytes)
Nils has worked at Oddbins for one year too many... nils.jpg (131023 bytes)
Polizei nils_wife.jpg (96344 bytes)
Successful City types that they are: Hezz, Bozz & Riffy in the 'Ham' hezz_bozz_riffy.jpg (138709 bytes)
Courtesy of Niall garrett_kate_good.jpg (237382 bytes)
Tetbury Hall garrett_kate_good2.jpg (339121 bytes)
group2.jpg (240391 bytes)
Parliament Square versus... parliament_square.jpg (176334 bytes)
Chuck's Donies (Pearl St legend) chucks.jpg (120860 bytes)

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