July IV '01

More weeding photies & Ouray leftovers. When they arrive.

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hair_suits.jpg (75705 bytes)
Heather informs us of what they do with that Alaskan cash-for-cold handout heather_camille.jpg (69865 bytes)
Not my best side jill.jpg (57813 bytes)
No, no, not that one either jb_me_kt.jpg (69611 bytes)
Van Girls jill_kt_camille.jpg (83972 bytes)
Sunanda comes over like a swan -- but Ray knows what lies beneath... katie_sunanda_ray.jpg (67414 bytes)
The name's Blond... me_camille.jpg (66432 bytes)
Beating them off with a sh***y stick...always the way at weddings, hey? me_katie.jpg (68551 bytes)
You never close your eyes group_boys.jpg (84026 bytes)
Until some drunken English blokes group_boys2.jpg (81109 bytes)
Put on their best Karaoke effort nickie_boys.jpg (85139 bytes)
Hair suit hair_suits.jpg (75705 bytes)
Ayr's Rock / Uluruu (sounds like University of London rugby club, let's face it) lies within our grasp group_buena_vista.jpg (99563 bytes)
Is that an alien cloud beaming into Riaan's 'ead? riaan_alien.jpg (82255 bytes)
"You set the tent up, I'll guard for wayward mutant fish" lance_stream.jpg (117488 bytes)
Er, not what it seems me_smoke.jpg (72485 bytes)
Lance gets intimate with the sausages  lance_sausage.jpg (84442 bytes)
The Monger gives it someothat. Of course, he could never return to Blighty now, BBC America accent 'n' all ouray_group.jpg (147658 bytes)
Wayne watches his post-Cvg career rob_flames.jpg (71719 bytes)

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