Nov III '01

Party Photies, part one. Remainder are here

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lindsays_bath.jpg (111838 bytes)
Cathy & Aaron aaron_cathy.jpg (79392 bytes)
Ray in his 'cluless duffer' pose aaron_ray.jpg (77380 bytes)
Haven't we met before? adam_amy.jpg (98405 bytes)
Chief Magician, David, and his underling J.Be david_jb.jpg (103685 bytes)
Heart-shaped lamps make their debut. Lavvly textures fussball.jpg (85689 bytes)
Graham gets overexcited graham_jim_anthony.jpg (144168 bytes)
Imy & Avy with blokes ivy_graham_amy.jpg (129297 bytes)
John & Roz are dizzy from the 'tubbies john_roz.jpg (105380 bytes)
Sisterly lurve renee_stacey.jpg (88787 bytes)
Lindsay lends an ear lindsay.jpg (99392 bytes)
Rachelle & Ronda try their best to squint me_squinting_birds.jpg (83593 bytes)
5th Beatle himself, elusive as usual at Gaylord bashes nick_razz.jpg (83892 bytes)
Sitting ducks nikki_couch.jpg (101203 bytes)
Standing quails rhonda_jb_me.jpg (92339 bytes)
Gentle gesticulation from Shannon rob_shannon.jpg (90890 bytes)
Jimmy roz_jimmy.jpg (101107 bytes)
One of several incursions into the sanctity of my bedroom group_bed.jpg (89281 bytes)
steph_cathy.jpg (74286 bytes)
Cathy & David chew the, erm, cud david_cathy.jpg (87486 bytes)
Peeping through: Leah & Michelle steph_me_leah_michelle.jpg (90743 bytes)
And a bathtub lindsays_bath.jpg (111838 bytes)
A quick dash back to Steph's jb_running.jpg (227183 bytes)
The lamps simply could not stay me_lamp.jpg (199096 bytes)

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