Nov I '01

The Last Dance at Elitch, Renee's pre-b'day, makeshift shepherd's pie party & a Saturday of champagne

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gaylord_posse.jpg (256614 bytes)
The Rhino Room, and three dodgily dressed blokes prior to the Burning Man Decomposition party me_david_jb.jpg (110292 bytes)
Badger Boy in Brit mode jb_badger.jpg (103556 bytes)
Brian & Bernard battle for lover of the week brian_bernard.jpg (129409 bytes)
Ooh er, Missus, it's an ersatz shepherd's pie (truly not our best) party brian_renee.jpg (91633 bytes)
Brooke brings drama to the event brooke_jb.jpg (75551 bytes)
Steph strangles Cathy (sort of a me-JB relationship there) cathy_steph.jpg (103655 bytes)
Elizabeth gives up her stilts for a photy elizabeth_me.jpg (82048 bytes)
Impromptu post-Yoga Saturday party group.jpg (128507 bytes)
Marjorie's party marjorie_party.jpg (93070 bytes)
Standing Cobra...or eagle or some such. As ever, accompanied by Mimosa (no, Alistair, no Bucks Fizz gags) me_renee.jpg (100559 bytes)
Some bloke, Rob, stumbles onto our porch, seeking cash for questions. But we ensnared him into the Gaylord lair, getting him to reveal his dark lovelife rob_renee_me_tanya.jpg (107854 bytes)
"Riiiigggghhhhtttt" steph_bernard.jpg (133889 bytes)
All aboard the stalling ride group_rollercoaster.jpg (112817 bytes)
Nothing like scarfing a bucket of beer prior to liftoff bucket_of_beer.jpg (81970 bytes)
Lindsay gets her kit on lindsay.jpg (92807 bytes)
Tanya & Renee tee up for the bully off tania_renee.jpg (112498 bytes)
The new Gaylord Massive: Lindsay joins the crew as we battle the butterflies gaylord_posse.jpg (256614 bytes)
Badger Boy JB skips into line badger_boy.jpg (113974 bytes)
Whiteout me_rollercoaster.jpg (112479 bytes)
Lindsay as a turtle lindsay_jb.jpg (116207 bytes)
The Badgers Strikes Back badger_boy_renee.jpg (87411 bytes)
Well well well, if there isn't a Funky Buddha hookup in the making me_percy_elizabeth.jpg (77843 bytes)
Back to Steph's to carry on the mayhem renee_mum.jpg (101408 bytes)
Shanaynaynay renee_mum2.jpg (38393 bytes)
Steph gets into the self-portrait business me_steph.jpg (64323 bytes)
Renee mit seine Mutter, Karen renee_and_mum.jpg (70176 bytes)
Stacey has a barry on Steph's sofa stacey.jpg (119289 bytes)
Ash mans the black taxi ash_drives.jpg (67628 bytes)

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