Feb I '02

Last ever post Gaylord-strip party & a trip to Tahoe. Thanks to Percy & Seanie for the photies

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me_balloon.jpg (162060 bytes)
Mike is introduced to Heminway's kelly_mike.jpg (152840 bytes)
Simon introduces us to his latest bird -- Yetanothersteph another_steph.jpg (180132 bytes)
Washed out at the WPG percy_me_seanie.jpg (128861 bytes)
Back to Gaylord for afterparty & a medley of mixed drinks kelly_percy.jpg (104559 bytes)
Lindsay realises the self-doubt that afflicts her crisis_of_confidence.jpg (78249 bytes)
But laughs it off har_di_har.jpg (94729 bytes)
Elaborating... elaborating.jpg (97759 bytes)
...that ice cream is the only way out of this conundrum eat_ice_cream.jpg (94485 bytes)
Explaining JB's arrest due to the testicle incident kelly_cut.jpg (77849 bytes)
No smoke machine me_fire.jpg (97524 bytes)
Seanie enjoys his former home for the last time seanie_gc.jpg (112593 bytes)
Lindsay explains the power of the champagne cork, Mike is duly penitent lindsay_mike.jpg (123330 bytes)
Genau me.jpg (89870 bytes)
Mike tries to wrestle the fish that Sean straps to Kelly's back every Thursday... mike_kelly2.jpg (119402 bytes)
...to no avail mike_kelly.jpg (125579 bytes)
Mike tries the gimp role reversal mike_me.jpg (132657 bytes)
Model Australian percy.jpg (142287 bytes)
percy_laughs.jpg (92066 bytes)
Blandy turns up just in time to throw up blandy.jpg (79147 bytes)
A balloon from another place in time me_balloon.jpg (162060 bytes)
Katie scores a free t-shirt from her namesake bar in SF kt_obrien.jpg (207427 bytes)
Summerlike-snow...but what do I really think about Squaw Valley? kt_tahoe.jpg (109705 bytes)
Virginia & brother Steve join us. What's the bloke doing in the background? virg_bro_kt.jpg (117810 bytes)
The lake me_kt_tahoe.jpg (141371 bytes)
Prepped up ex-CU folk (Sloanes surely at home in my own uni) preppy.jpg (228492 bytes)
Princess Stabile of Extravaganzia me_sarah.jpg (168390 bytes)
Virginia, pre-Barry me_virginia.jpg (174693 bytes)
Sarah & "JD Lumpkin" birthday sarah_bfriend.jpg (147038 bytes)
Principesse sarah_kt.jpg (153697 bytes)
Meow virginia_kt.jpg (182053 bytes)

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