Oct II '01

Leah's party, where it was decided to decamp to London for the following Friday & Saturday

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group.jpg (80618 bytes)
I actually didn't go to CrinkleCuts for my haircut nikki_me.jpg (129989 bytes)
Brooke makes for an emotionally involving  taxi driver brooke_car.jpg (63739 bytes)
Back seat scivers me_steph_jb.jpg (63603 bytes)
Leah  leah_nikki.jpg (65917 bytes)
JB doing an impression of Dr Davies, Brooke letting it all hang out and Steph looking like a strung out model brooke_jb.jpg (63648 bytes)
Riffy bakes in the 75F weather after our hike around Hampstead Heath (eh?) riffy.jpg (89692 bytes)
Mater me_mum.jpg (102354 bytes)
Pater dad_me.jpg (97060 bytes)
A setup! Bozz sends us to a dodgy/poncey Italian restaurant off Warwick Ave mum_dad.jpg (67669 bytes)

But a sixth of their progeny
mum_dad_me.jpg (101194 bytes)
Hezz in typical somber-but humourous mode, sporting a t-shirt fit to burn  hezz.jpg (64636 bytes)
Panic on the streets of London...gas masks for Al & Jane eye the sale in Baker Street gasmask.jpg (65565 bytes)
Somehow life has become one big broken wine glass alistair_broken_glass.jpg (152722 bytes)
Turnmill's jane_al_me_club.jpg (59553 bytes)
Mike looks cheekily on martin_al_renee.jpg (66176 bytes)
Stroking Renee obviously leads her to believe she's a cat me_renee.jpg (66048 bytes)
The evening kicks off with Steph bursting through the door demonstrating how her barefoot water-skiing technique saved her possessions but not her arse in the Paris mugging (which took place earlier that day) steph_mugged.jpg (164760 bytes)
Steph glows in dark clothing steph.jpg (67335 bytes)
Steph sucks down some oxygen steph_oxygen.jpg (51971 bytes)
Shepherding the girls steph_renee_me_jane.jpg (67192 bytes)
Next morning, things are looking a bit blue kitchen_morning.jpg (61606 bytes)
The gang, reunited by champagne group.jpg (80618 bytes)

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