March II '01

Assortment of Denver/SF/Santa Fe shots

Click on image for bigger picture.  

me_corset.jpg (98893 bytes)
Smirnoff -- their alcopop doesn't make you cool...but it does break 'ice' roger_kelly_me_kt.jpg (93825 bytes)
In falsetto  duet avec moi "Gaylord Massive" al_bed.jpg (83267 bytes)
al_helen.jpg (78179 bytes)
Flange uses his skillful persuasion on Scotia flange_attack.jpg (75819 bytes)
These little gems make me want to go and buy a fridge fridge_magnets.jpg (54303 bytes)
group.jpg (77537 bytes)
Percy learns the ways of the Flange percy_flanges.jpg (70782 bytes)
Californian poppies. Illegal, apparently. california_poppy.jpg (168012 bytes)
Golden Gate Park dina_lex_kt.jpg (122681 bytes)
"If you could just get the shoes in, that would be great" headless.jpg (144047 bytes)
On the dunes kt_dunes.jpg (171048 bytes)
me_barber.jpg (106389 bytes)
Corset comfort me_corset.jpg (98893 bytes)
Could almost be the Great Ocean Road ocean.jpg (88237 bytes)
In search of salamanders river.jpg (138229 bytes)
Ah, the meaning of Easter... easter_bunny.jpg (123687 bytes)
...excessive chocolate consumption easter_eggs.jpg (95016 bytes)
Santa Fe & its anthill housing architecture (adobe) santa_fe.jpg (97270 bytes)
train.jpg (92562 bytes)

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