Jan III '02

The inevitable was succumbed to in the Ash wedding. Thanks to Mr Batty for his photies

Click on image for bigger picture.  

chris_kim_aisle.jpg (188646 bytes)
Down the aisle they march chris_kim.jpg (71217 bytes)
Ash looks like he's coming for me chris_kim_aisle.jpg (188646 bytes)
Ashmeister2000 is in control chris.jpg (185363 bytes)
Nick gets carded under new terrorism laws designed to weed out dodgy geezers with Oasis haircuts carded.jpg (52428 bytes)
Ash in pants-wearing shocker chris_kim2.jpg (35710 bytes)
Gurner & Pam simon_pam.jpg (51330 bytes)
Jason, Ash' hunting partner of old jason.jpg (193305 bytes)
JB lets the shaver get the better of him to go for the Weeble look jb_dani.jpg (40492 bytes)
Oy, Tartley, no! kt_jb.jpg (107916 bytes)
Er, let me explain... let_me_explain.jpg (56587 bytes)
The Broadmoor hotel, not a shoddy location. me_kt.jpg (43871 bytes)
New Zealanders finest exports marty_jason.jpg (20521 bytes)
Katie forces me to be retogged out for the affair me_kt3.jpg (87032 bytes)
Who was Matilda, anyway? matilda.jpg (222194 bytes)
Gaylord Reunited! gaylord_old.jpg (190905 bytes)
Al springs in from Oz me_al.jpg (44446 bytes)
Adam reprises his role as third wheel (see Ash family circa 1999) chris_kim_adam.jpg (205571 bytes)
Il prossimo? me_kt2.jpg (173544 bytes)
Property tycoon Osborne in on the act me_james_al.jpg (136282 bytes)
Marty explains that it's contagious to Nick & Dani. nick_fb.jpg (42406 bytes)
Nickie has allowed John to do the facial hair thing. Why? nicki_john.jpg (41219 bytes)
John is perturbed at the prohibition no_booze.jpg (50850 bytes)
Campbell laughs it off campbell_pam.jpg (198425 bytes)
The return of the booze booze_returns.jpg (43635 bytes)
Pete somehow seems like he would have been a red wine-guzzling bishop in times gone by. 

Merci buckets for the photies

pete.jpg (56140 bytes)
Riaan learns words for clothing that aren't "rugby shirt" riaan_susan_nick.jpg (47815 bytes)
Dana, having rugby tackled the rest of the girls for the bouquet dana_grabs.jpg (46871 bytes)
Cady is unable to console Simon, as he realises it's not going to be his Andie McDowell night simon_cady.jpg (181076 bytes)
"Good stuff" -- Adam curtails his speech to 45 minutes. tonks_speaks.jpg (63465 bytes)
As classic meringue goes, nae bad. la_bella_donna.jpg (45489 bytes)

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