Dec/Jan II '01/02

Pre/Post xmas horsing around, sometimes in Vail

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seanie_jb_me_mo.jpg (234160 bytes)
Kelly caught redwine handed, a mere 10 seconds through the door kelly_wine.jpg (186839 bytes)
Jess & Dana's graduation Menverfest danes_jess.jpg (149404 bytes)
Drunken Bird, JB obliges drunk_girl_jb.jpg (158335 bytes)
Graham puts on his best Menver black jacket graham_group.jpg (196570 bytes)
marjorie_me_danes.jpg (179834 bytes)
Still single kim_chris.jpg (203359 bytes)
kelly_jb.jpg (132954 bytes)
Club 8150, Fight Night with Pete 8150.jpg (139290 bytes)
Biggie cuddles up to Max biggie_max.jpg (184481 bytes)
Back garden house_morning.jpg (204186 bytes)
Even the cupboards in Vail are enormous: JB beds down jb_sleeps.jpg (194914 bytes)
JB eyes his obsession jb_statue.jpg (300378 bytes)
With Kevin and his mates group_ski.jpg (163218 bytes)
The backbowls kevin_bowl.jpg (172231 bytes)
Kevin makes his mark kevin_me_renee.jpg (165529 bytes)
Just before driving up to the mountains lindsay_seanie_me.jpg (137262 bytes)
Lindsay's tumbling manoeuvre lindsay_tumbles.jpg (220219 bytes)
Vail, frontside me_renee.jpg (254863 bytes)
Monica does her best to get lost in Keystone monica_keystone.jpg (151014 bytes)
Seanie rocks on up to the guest zone after a big night out seanie.jpg (178045 bytes)
By the bridge in Vail seanie_jb_me_mo.jpg (234160 bytes)
Roasteroo xmas_dinner.jpg (132804 bytes)
Elizabeth savours yet another Gaylord xmas dinner production xmas_dinner2.jpg (203673 bytes)

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