Dec IV '01

Melbn madness, bike trip out to St Kilda

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group_bikes.jpg (136248 bytes)
Brunswick St, meeting up with bride/groom to be, Amy & Softy group_brunswick.jpg (104571 bytes)
A night of losing it on Brunswick St cheers.jpg (125380 bytes)
Old Breakers crew james_me_amy.jpg (132146 bytes)
seanie_kelly.jpg (269922 bytes)
Nothing to do with me, guvnor tongues.jpg (112690 bytes)
"Where is Franklin Street?". Rather like assigning seven software engineers a problem and getting seven different solutions.  confusion.jpg (94879 bytes)
Some dodgy club up Flinders La club.jpg (104397 bytes)
Redbull/Vodka vs Jack/Coke seanie_kt.jpg (105071 bytes)
Yarra river from Swanny St al_kt.jpg (112441 bytes)
St Kilda group_bikes.jpg (136248 bytes)
kelly_katie.jpg (117300 bytes)
Katie and the sunbathing puffer fish kt_puffer.jpg (124790 bytes)
Stuffing my face with cream goodies me_scarf.jpg (106477 bytes)
group_brekky.jpg (179494 bytes)
Melbn caffe' -- buono kelly_bday.jpg (123691 bytes)
kt_food.jpg (124201 bytes)
Melbn park kt_melbn.jpg (115823 bytes)
Kudos to Al, who spots a decent photie op me_mirror.jpg (147401 bytes)
Virgin Blue -- the RyanAir of the region me_virgin.jpg (92847 bytes)
3 Sisters in the Blue Mountains 3_sisters.jpg (147852 bytes)
Not, in fact, Seanie but David group_blue.jpg (154283 bytes)
Not a convincing wink me.jpg (241860 bytes)
me_david.jpg (299455 bytes)
Didn't seem too blue to be true kt.jpg (138681 bytes)
Unlike the Sydney sky kt_opera.jpg (125192 bytes)
Failed, once again, to see anything in the opera house kt_opera2.jpg (118610 bytes)
me_opera.jpg (169828 bytes)
me_bed.jpg (104211 bytes)
Che fai? me_phonebox.jpg (96274 bytes)
Sydney from the ferry -- tough commute sydney.jpg (122899 bytes)

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