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new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 4/11/02 Back from Ha-Wye-on-sea

A mere couple of drops, of the Slovenia and Croatia types, in the ocean of photies taken at the Nixta's wedding. More to come.

Following each round of layoffs there arrive a flood of emotional emails along the lines of "It's been great knowing/working with you". This one was a bit much.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 16/10/02 Homage Linkage

Ms Winkler has created a website with frosties influence. Imitation, flattery, sincerity. "A man's character can be judged by the frequency of his updates" -- keep it up.

Al & Jane have passed on yet more shots of Edinburgh/Cambridge.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 11/10/02 Blogged out

The frequency of updates to this page implies that, like Tartley before me, I'm turning into a blog-bore. Apologies.

A mighty scan operation is underway, not exactly the TREX of its time but something of a project to get the WorldTrip photies in. Strange & beautiful places.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 8/10/02 Bloodbath!

33% of the company slashed, 50% of our own group cast astray. The layoffs keep coming. Some layoff thoughts/terminology: dead man walking, cannibalising, wearing a dead man's clothes, safe, alive, hit and 'got'. Thinking of coming to sunny/snowy Colorado? Think again, it has the worst job prospects in the US.

More pics from summer trips to Cambridge and Edinburgh.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 5/10/02 Let the Golden Age begin...

The layoffs continue. Our own fate appears as though it will be sealed around the middle of this month, though rumours escape every 10 mins, run amok for several hours before returning as "it's confirmed <xxx>day, xxx% of the company to get it". Methinks I'll be needing this soon.

First photies update in a couple of months, including snaps of Shiv's b'day and July 4. Biking noncery in Winter Park and some legendary kayaking in Summit County.

New kid on the (non-chopping) block?

Happy 21st, Libbs.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 26/09/02 Soapbox for MP3 sharing

Do they really believe getting some hyperpaid entertainers to be patronising is going to get us to stop getting music for free, or to stop understanding that $10 is an insane amount to pay for MP3s with no distribution costs?

Bark on, Britney. Let me confidently predict (with a nod to JB) that the winner will be music, made by people who love it, consumed by people who love it and, bad luck chaps, freely available. Swimming against the tide of history. I'm sure Marx would have had something to say about it. The era of capitalist music production is drawing to a close.

As advertised by Shiv, if Kazaa is the new Napster then Soulseek is most assuredly the new Audiogalaxy. Someone needs to add a plug-in to automatically mail the artist after each download, telling them of the increased likeliness of your going to a gig. Yes, I didn't pay for the Strokes album but, yes, I did pay $20 to see them on a couple of occasions. Am I missing something?

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 24/09/02 Resume/CV is up & limping

Into which pastures will this glittering career lead me next? Techy advice nugget of the week: Don't use Word for doing your resume. 

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 17/09/02 Swamped

Updates are suspended while I try to figure out the second mortgage that will be developing the 10 or so disposable cameras. Digital Elf, where art thou? Still, mountains have been climbed, weddings attended, plays viewed, clubs danced in, foreign tongues abused, seas frolicked in and oceans crossed -- and all shall be documented in the timeless frosties fashion. 

As surely as the leaves turning brown, the Pearl St posse is back and more daft adventures await.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 8/08/02 Happiness makes you cry

Success at UT proved to be fleeting, a two day summit of fulfilled promise. Details of a quick trip to Baja, Meheeeco, and more mundane matters here. Last of the new players?


Off on an LA-Scotland-London-Cambridge-Slovenia-Croatia 3 week hiatus. Back in September, after much capering. Laters.


new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 7/31/02 Numero Uno (no, not Pizzeria)

History has been made. This will probably not last...but for right now I'm the reigning champion at UT.

Which was the winner? Hard to say, the British version's daft stories of wandering canines or the World edition's tales of koala corpses?

Caught the over hyped Vines at the Bluebird yesterday. While not exactly the Suede of their day, still a step-up (or back) in the live stakes over Doves. Comedy pseudo Who-style destruction of equipment at the end made up for the lack of killer melodies.

Yet more photies from pre-summer, including the infamous flowerbed scene.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 7/23/02 Still un(der)employed

So the Beeb is splitting its website to UK and World editions. Which to use...? Think I'll go with impersonating the former so that I can still catch quality stories about feline phobia and (checking today's edition) "Help mum!
My lip's stuck in the scanner!"

Joelonsoftware reports that a legal music service,, is out there for $100/year. 15,000 albums but no Madonna? I'll stick with Kazaa just for now, in spite of its infinite inferiority when placed next to Audiogalaxy. If AG was the Roman Empire of music systems then Kazaa is the Middle Ages. Roll on the Renaissance...

Bit of an events backlog at the mo', here's Adam's nonsmoking birth

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 11/7/01 Chilling Out in the Rivers

A couple of water-borne days out -- paddling in Steamboat & inner-tubing near Lyons. And au revoir to Steph, who's gone to Paris for the summer.

In my latest quest for naturalization I experienced the pain of Bikam yoga -- 90 mins of dripping salty body fluids onto the floor, engaging in limb bending activities whilst being told that "Everything's good". But it's good to see Nick's brother bearing the flag for English-stereotype-abroad behaviour.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 6/7/01 The Dog Days of Summer

Motion sickness nearly over from travelling & associated recovery. The Flange & Kelly have moved out, having caused the landlady to hurl abuse at us for being "Caucasian Rubbish". The very idea of it. Tragedy -- in the form of eviction -- seems to have been averted for now, but should we get the boot we'll be explaining our actions in depth on Springer (the blackmail-orgy edition).

Good to see that Britain/England (let's not go there) still retains elements of Jeeves & Wooster-style comedy. Have been hitting F5 for the latest Tim Henman attempt to join Bunny Austin as posh-geezer-with-silly-name in the final.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 26/6/01 Summer Solstice Edition

A fleeting, fun-filled trip back to Blighty / Italia nearly finito (sort of makes me wish I hadn't got the $30 scanner). Excess in London, comfort in Cambridge and a sun-drenched sojourn in Le Cinque Terre (stunning walking if a tad infested with other touro's).

Judging from the quality (quantity?) photies we should celebrate Adam's birthday more often, but I fear that medical wisdom may argue otherwise. Some outdoorsy action in Ouray & Steamboat Springs, where mother nature was tamed & slain. 

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 01/6/01 hits 20K in debt - shutdown imminent

Yes, from small beginnings celebrates 2 years by passing the 20k mark. The question is:- Why so many Swedish hits? Not that it's a competition, JB. Continued thanks to Nixta for providing cost-effective (FOC) hosting. Overdue for a service, for sure, just as soon as the layoffs either reach me/are averted. My God, what an egotistical nonce I am.

Scandal erupts as erstwhile semi-acquaintance, Sarah Stabile, is indicted by Star Magazine for some sort of carry on with Shazza Stone's hubby.

What to do about the Napster quandary? Bearshare -- nicer client than Rapigator and, hey, it works. Now I can get back to walking around Tower Records, notepad/pen in hand, writing down the albums to peruse.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 18/5/01 Early Summer

A big party, for which we have no photies (thanks to flange & the perce). Party was a stormer until the Nazi-storm troopers bust it up. There's something particularly alien/uncaring/uncompromising about Denver police. And an Aspen trip. Al's going away thingy from way back when.

JB's broken the GaylordCam through his foolish, slashdot-inspired idea to use Linux at home. Don't do it, kids.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 24/4/01 Model Shoot

The usual antics & some poncey stuff for the work website. A lovey darling of a photographer "give me love/hate/pain/anger" etc. Not exactly at the coke-in-between-fingers stage but certainly an ego boost. 

Yet more History Updates, half-way.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 11/4/01 Final fling of spring / History Updates

Percy & Al/Jane make some photographic contribution to frosties. I'm thinking of getting Redbull to sponsor the site so any suggestions for soliciting their product most definitely appreciated.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 29/3/01 Broken brain/bones

If there's anything more annoying than a Julia Roberts acceptance speech, it's got to be broken ribs. It's sort of like someone sandpapering your innards, occasionally trying to wrench your bones from the flesh. Every movement feels like a continuous blow from a child's fist. Sure, no one blow can take you out but enough to grind you, in the end, to dust. Not recommended. Still, when else do you really get to wear a corset?

Anyway, broken brain-type stuff from the last month or two. Couple of new player entries.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 18/3/01 Raging in the 'bel

I'm afraid that even I have to say that Meribel, in spite of stodgy snow quality, is pistes ahead of CO for the overall skiing experience. I know, it lies within French borders and has more than a taste of Madge Orker to it but consider the pros. Enough vertical to leave you dizzy, horizontal to induce agoraphobia, food to die for, wine to cry for and nightlife to break the Bundesbank. Cheers for organising, Bozz.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 22/2/01 Hot & Cold in CO

Some snowy photies from a ski trip or two as well as a cheesey evening on Valentine's (courtesy du Nick). Thanks to the incompetence of Mr Sean Flannery one of my disposable cameras was, well, disposed, meaning that countless quality shots of various acts of debauchery are consigned to the bin. I have the keys to his apartment.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 24/1/01 UK/SA Trip

Ah, a month off work. Back to Blighty for that spiritual renewal/accent top-up, before escaping the extremeties of the Northern Hemisphere winter (2 inches of snow in London billed as "SNOW CHAOS SWEEPS SOUTH") for South Africa. Interesting place, recommended with reservation.

New family arrival, George 'Hez' Penn, courtesy of Jackie & Giles. 

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 12/12/00 Random Photies

Some random photies from the last 6 months (now that I use disposable cameras the permanent one doesn't get much of a workout). 

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 02/12/00 Music Charts (dynamically updated)

Yes, what's on my stereo is now captured & sent to Things Cultural every day. Can you say fairer than that?

How much longer am I going to put up with the NBCI hosting services? My web rage will not go unavenged.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 23/11/00 Oct/Nov events

Some pretty shoddy photies, mainly Halloween-based.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 07/11/00 Intellectually bankrupt

I have nothing original to say. Hear family thoughts on the US Elections.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 26/10/00 Ray's Pardee Events etc

John Fowler's parking incident.

Raymondo turns 29. A couple of player mods. New RMFC piccy

Vanity strikes out! - vote now.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 06/10/00 August/September Events

Back to Blighty, scuba diving in Key West, more, erm, quality nights in Fado's in July/August events. A few new folk in the Colorado players.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 07/05/00 PennWorld Splutters Forth

Yes indeedy. Ever wondered what the world looks like through PennEyes (or at least, his camera)? Thusfar only a few American entries exist, but more to come.

A few updates to Culture.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 09/04/00 Events update

.Some ski photos - still working on getting the video converted.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 02/04/00 Burgerside once again

In spite of passport loss, doubling my weight every 48 hours and being confronted by Eurolake-sized amounts of booze/curry I have made it back to CO. PennWorld construction to commence soon.

The occasional Culture update. A few mates are trying to rival the mighty PennCentral. Specifically of late: ThirstySailor, UndergroundSubway and WindingTrail. (Let's not forget Tartley, though of course we'd like to).

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 17/03/00 A sorry state of affairs

In Blighty for the week. Mail me if you're in/around London.

Hardly any Various updates to Culture Bad stuff happening. Bezza, spiritual leader and canine superhero, has passed away. Qu'est-ce-qu'on peut dire?

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 06/1/00 Site Updates

Various updates to Events, (unfinished) SnowAction

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 02/1/00 Site Updates

Various unfinished updates to Events, Nonces

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 26/1/00 GaylordSpeech

The marvels of modern technology now enable and empower you, the surfer to send computer synthesized messages through to the Gaylord Server. Give it a whirl.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 16/1/00 Schedule slippage

Going on a jolly to Boston this week so unfortunately the planned revamp has slipped a tad. Still, not only is the GaylordCam up and running (again), but legal clearance has been given to the Tartley Server to be broadcast. Enjoy.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 5/1/00 Site to be relaunched...within a fortnight

Dangnabit if the bleeding webcam didn't come smashing down from its fixture over Christmas. Apparently duct tape does _not_ do the job, so I've sent Tartley out to purchase an electric drill for the next installation.

Webcam will be back along with the overhauled current site. Stay chooned.

Meanwhile, feast your eyes on some silly questionaire.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 14/12/99 Announcing the GaylordCam

People were tiring of the same strained faces on the DunnyCam so a second WebCam is now monitoring the Gaylord living room. Watch for live marmite fondue action on the evening of 15/12. Read the brief story of the webcam.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 13/12/99 Stabbed in the back!!

Just in! In a vain, petty effort to upstage the return of the Penn website Jon Hartley, roommate/fatmate is trying to establish a web presence for himself. Still, as the Tartley server is currently hosting the PennCams mention must (regrettably) be made to keep the legal people from intervening

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 13/12/99 Site updates

In view of the frequent updates to these pages an archive has been established. PennWorld will be appearing week 1 of 1/00, featuring mounds and mounds of photies/tales of faraway lands.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 02/06/99 Personality & Brain Tests

To test whether you're a nonce and check your morality status out, take a butcher's at this

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 01/06/99 Where are you all coming from?

The first (and probably last) milestone suggests a broad-based audience of medium to high intelligence:

smurf.jpg (5001 bytes) visitors.jpg (15270 bytes)

The Belgian-only Penn Central website is scheduled to go online any moment now...

new_anim.gif (442 bytes) 15/05/99 The site has landed…

Some four decades in the making, this website is dedicated to Philip Penn - a testament to solid but stolid, smooth but suave, simple yet sophisticated British genetic engineering at its surreptitious, sheep-cloning best.

new_anim.gif (442 bytes)15/05/99 Who the Dickens is this masked marauder?

A couple of years ago I managed to track down the elusive Pennster, in a small cove on the banks of the Orinoco delta. Whilst refusing to respond to direct interrogation, he gave responses to the eternal questions in life (I believe he's been known to interview candidates:

Dinner party guest (alive or dead): Uncle Joe (the Russian one)

stalin.jpg (3466 bytes)- good insight into the paranoia that infects corporate America.

Tombstone adjectives: flatulent, flaccid, flabbergasted unless I'm in an interview, in which case…

Favourite animal: honey badger honeysmall.jpg (2917 bytes)Sign up for your next incarnation as this wonderful animal at

Key qualities: aggressive, cunning, amusing and sly.

Favourite colour: Purple: need I say more: different, exotic, slightly flamboyant

Favourite form of water: the cold, symmetrical one