Mar II '02

Awards party cont'd, Oscar party, sorrow drowning karaoke and penultimate Vail weekend. Thanks to CatieB for the Awards photies (it's all about you).

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me_lindsay_mike.JPG (49861 bytes)
Actors catie_lindsay_rich.JPG (72176 bytes)
Justin's future justin_lindsay.JPG (48700 bytes)
Adam & January giving it some of that january_adam.JPG (72144 bytes)
Mike "Cheshire cat" Ellis, currently in the Caymans me_lindsay_mike.JPG (49861 bytes)
JB ponders life as a clever-but-sneaky crotch-sniffer jb_that_director.jpg (175053 bytes)
The disco goes mobile... me_trolley.JPG (66986 bytes)
...until the janitor breaks it up me_trolley2.JPG (77656 bytes)
Rich ponders the odds in a rigged raffle rich_raffle.JPG (57919 bytes)
Drowning sorrows in the Hornet adam_hornet.jpg (123726 bytes)
Somehow events end up in Armida's armidas.jpg (230908 bytes)
Writhing around floored.jpg (173823 bytes)
DJ Scott scores an invite to the next Pearl St event dj_scott.jpg (229927 bytes)
Lindsay's anti-vanity shot lindsay_bouncer.jpg (177179 bytes)
My anti-vanity shot me_shiv.jpg (92474 bytes)
Is that Jennifer Lopez? lopez.jpg (139086 bytes)
Collaboration random_bloke.jpg (92119 bytes)
A hardcore afternoon with Kelley in the BackBowls/BSB kelley_vail.jpg (121096 bytes)
Kevin and Jay are looking like future players 8150.jpg (140101 bytes)
8150 is dead but we are very much alive 8150_2.jpg (142249 bytes)
Biggie gets hungry. Now we know what happens to the food he eats... biggie_hungry.jpg (168050 bytes)
Erstwhile entwinement bitsy_craig.jpg (89147 bytes)
Club Sanctuary & its bouncer sanctuary_bouncer.jpg (383367 bytes)
Lizzie and her occasionally controversial canine confidants elizabeth_dogs.jpg (121168 bytes)
Kate wonders whether Jay is the Dickeman jay_kate.jpg (151275 bytes)
Shiv as Cleuseau? lindsay_shiv.jpg (117381 bytes)
moi.jpg (121503 bytes)
Oscar party on many levels, this one being "attic actors in awe" oscar_attic.jpg (128552 bytes)
Catching a lift to a party in Vail on the bonnet of this lovely chap's car party_lift.jpg (152205 bytes)
Pearl St Palace (with the arse-end of the Blightymobile in the foreground) pearl_st.jpg (208321 bytes)
Shiv working on his pink slip skills? shiv_hotmail.jpg (158182 bytes)
The husky with no name sits out the snow vail_husky.jpg (144659 bytes)

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