Dec VI '01

J.Be's b'day. No, JB, not 2 but 3 decades have you been noncing around the planet, with nothing more to show than a trail of broken tarts and some fantabulous nights out. Steph sees it as her duty to get in _every_ photo

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jb_fingers.jpg (32103 bytes)
It all started so well with beverage no 1. 1.jpg (119674 bytes)
2nd beer isn't looking too bad either 34.jpg (161918 bytes)
Tonks is there at the outset... adam_steph_me.jpg (111374 bytes)
Mr D makes his mark on Renee andy_renee.jpg (47318 bytes)
The decline and fall of Chris Ash ash_badway.jpg (42045 bytes)
Trying to gurn his way through it  ash_gurns.jpg (88610 bytes)
Doesn't work ash_dead.jpg (180846 bytes)
Ash is on the leash ash_kim.jpg (180637 bytes)
Either he's talking to a tree or someone who's fallen down ash_talks_tree.jpg (146250 bytes)
Gabbi makes her debut bitsy_gaabi_renee.jpg (35996 bytes)
Dan in search of pavement pizza dan_floor.jpg (28658 bytes)
But why spew when you can get food like this? dogs_dinner.jpg (44967 bytes)
Elizabeth and Kim: separated at birth? eliz_kim.jpg (158331 bytes)
Even Roger comes out of hibernation for this one eliz_me_roger.jpg (123985 bytes)
Mindy, showing less perturbation than she should  glenn_mindy_aaron.jpg (140188 bytes)
Glenn, sensing that the end is nigh, gets in one last scowl glenn_scowls.jpg (180291 bytes)
Not sure which pub this was group.jpg (179338 bytes)
Still working on that Steph filter group2.jpg (189117 bytes)
group3.jpg (156684 bytes)
"JB women" jb_birds.jpg (39093 bytes)
continued jb_christina.jpg (33341 bytes)
"Bloke down the pub" jb_fingers.jpg (32103 bytes)
Kim, shortly before the food poisoning. Moral of the story: eating is cheating (no food on pub crawls...before 2am) kristina_kim_jb.jpg (122314 bytes)
Marjorie is serenaded marjorie_dan.jpg (46117 bytes)
Perhaps Elizabeth is trying to indicate that this is drink 9? me_eliz_riaan.jpg (114338 bytes)
Rhonda puts down her video camera for 2 secs me_rhonda.jpg (30257 bytes)
me_vince_renee.jpg (109990 bytes)
Sunanda scorns...Ray reels rayo_sunanda.jpg (35570 bytes)
Would you trust these men? simon_jb.jpg (28802 bytes)
Steph & Neil get handcuffed as an excuse for a snog snog_partners.jpg (169787 bytes)
Neil is perturbed to learn that there was no key for the cuffs had no key and could be released by chanting "I don't want a snog" neil_me.jpg (155889 bytes)
The South Africans put in a pathetic appearance south_african.jpg (47062 bytes)
Cathy comes out steph_cathy.jpg (111379 bytes)
JB starting to lose it here steph_jb.jpg (175359 bytes)
Kelly...thanks for the photies steph_kelly.jpg (24405 bytes)
Pete's Kitchen
Ooh er Missus...Vince puts in a sterling effort vince_me_steph.jpg (145160 bytes)
Doing an impression of a youthful Petro young.jpg (109953 bytes)

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