Nov II '01

Karaoke capers, Halloween horseplay & Berkeley badgers

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alexis_kt_me_sam.jpg (92903 bytes)
Brekky in sausalito.jpg (95221 bytes)
Sausalito me_kt_sausalito.jpg (100948 bytes)
Surfgirl straps kt_roofrack.jpg (109661 bytes)
Hiking down to... me_hike.jpg (84421 bytes)
Stinson Beach stinson_beach.jpg (88792 bytes)
In love with the Redwoods me_redwood.jpg (111732 bytes)
Alexis, Dina & Katie as the 'ho pixies alexis_dina_kt.jpg (108472 bytes)
The Magic Bus takes us around English-style party-til-you-puke houseparties group_bus.jpg (104665 bytes)
My cow horns make me perfect for the very pregnant Miss Take me_sarah.jpg (81476 bytes)
Virginia feels the love  virg_me_kt.jpg (103275 bytes)
Katie looks to have one of my ski wigs, Sam picks up his outfit in the pubs & clubs alexis_kt_me_sam.jpg (92903 bytes)
A limo. With a disposable camera sticking out the top. golden_gate_photy.jpg (80065 bytes)
Katie revisits her spiritual roots kt_berkeley.jpg (114971 bytes)
Berkeley me_berkeley.jpg (115026 bytes)
me_kt_berkeley.jpg (118581 bytes)
Renee & Steph open the proceedings in dignified fashion steph_renee_karaoke.jpg (113137 bytes)
The girls are joined by Brooke, but it seemed to distort the harmony karaoke_girls.jpg (109521 bytes)
We started off with Strangers In the Night & things rapidly went downhill from there karaoke_mayhem2.jpg (100367 bytes)
The performance induces mayhem karaoke_mayhem.jpg (116311 bytes)
Is this the face of the act of the decade, the HoneyBadgerz? me_jb_karaoke.jpg (91487 bytes)
Bitty, Renee & Steph are the blue-grey eyed crew bitsy_renee_steph.jpg (86883 bytes)
Regan makes an effort on what turned out to be the real Halloween night me_ryan_jb.jpg (123671 bytes)
The inclement weather forces me to wear a (borrowed) baseball cap. Sort of like caviar and porridge. me_baseball_cap.jpg (150086 bytes)
Gearing up for the long trek home over Wash Park on_the_road_again.jpg (121027 bytes)

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