Sept III '01

Harsing haround on a houseboat with Katie & Freu(n)d(in). Had been waiting for Fish' photies but dove sono??

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me_blakely_alex.jpg (86409 bytes)
Mt Hood, flying down from Portland to SF mt_hood1.jpg (117751 bytes)
Almost Fuji-like mt_hood2.jpg (62872 bytes)
After an escapade involving some dodgy geezer explaining to us how we have to endure the "road to hades", we make it on the famed houseboat alex_blakely.jpg (105182 bytes)
Alex, doing his impression of a Central Asian on a platform in Kazakhstan alex.jpg (153953 bytes)
Blakely & Katie blakely_kt.jpg (93152 bytes)
Moored up in what I believe is termed a gulch blakely_valley.jpg (172649 bytes)
Slate competition ... Brett shakes off his reputation as lazy fat knacker jim_brett.jpg (132807 bytes)
Liv & Jim jim_liv.jpg (89920 bytes)
Jim brews up some delicious concoction entitled "Jungle Juice" jungle_juice.jpg (114267 bytes)
The gulch is a natural amphitheatre katie_liv.jpg (128206 bytes)
Looks tranquil... kt.jpg (105346 bytes)
Battling the raging current, Katie assists me back to the safety of the boat me_kt_swimming.jpg (137795 bytes)
Manoeuvring the houseboat is not a job for anyone me_blakely_alex.jpg (86409 bytes)
It requires skill, precision and dedication blakeley.jpg (97145 bytes)
Tim's  Tarzan approach combines Braun and bravado... leading to timo.jpg (105587 bytes)
The beach where Jim & I are stranded. Had he been alive, Daniel Defoe would surely have been moved to comment/put out a dodgy novel jim_alex.jpg (101085 bytes)
Lavvly Liv liv.jpg (128129 bytes)
Katie sets the tone for the evening kt_blakely_alex.jpg (69754 bytes)
Brett reveals his dreams of being a French hairstylist (Liv obliges) brett_liv.jpg (72627 bytes)
KatieA and 'Fish' are hp to be there me_fish_katie.jpg (68496 bytes)
Liv preaches the benefits of  me_liv.jpg (71982 bytes)
Hmmn...there seems to be on leg too many in this pic tim_katie.jpg (67106 bytes)
Katie & son frere tim_kt.jpg (96467 bytes)
Bit of bonding with  Sacramento Elvis-loving waster, Brett me_brett.jpg (144639 bytes)
Wash Park Grille, Thursday neet with Becky, Bitsy, Cathy & Shawna  becky_shawna_me.jpg (124796 bytes)
Bitsy takes a turrn for the worse... shawna_bitsy.jpg (74457 bytes)

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