Aug III '01

Birthday party for the Monger, Cathy throws a pink slip party. Mike briefly in town

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me_percy_pink.jpg (76322 bytes)
Mike has severe 007 delusions in his Martini (& other) choices me_mike_danielle_martinis.jpg (84302 bytes)
With Cathy, before the (luminous) cat (juice) gets out of the bag me_cathy_pink.jpg (155635 bytes)
Crashing the Jefferson me_jefferson.jpg (97469 bytes)
Into the blue katie_jefferson.jpg (98189 bytes)
Kevin tries to get in there with the usual South African style (mistaking bloke for bird, belching etc) me_percy_pink.jpg (76322 bytes)
I wouldn't trust Sean with a straightjacket me_seanie.jpg (59861 bytes)
Rannery looks increasingly like an evil cartoon character... Skeletor, perhaps me_seanie_nick.jpg (64997 bytes)
Alleycat minus the flashing lights mike_danielle_alleycat.jpg (72034 bytes)
Pink pals pose renee_jb.jpg (69678 bytes)
Sean wants in on it seanie_phone.jpg (187295 bytes)
Elizabeth finally makes it out of the Breakers only to be succoured by JB. elizabeth_etc.jpg (72497 bytes)
Pink Slip sounds better than P45 (Blighty equivalent), but at least the latter has no confusion with off-white fluffy footware slippers.jpg (93585 bytes)
Possibly the wind changed direction during the previous photy, leaving Renee with that facial expression for quite some time wayne_kevin_renee.jpg (72004 bytes)
Is it redrocks? danielle_mike_seanie.jpg (71822 bytes)
Is it the moon? danielle_monkey_boy.jpg (109595 bytes)
Or is it Mike's arse? monkey_boy_arse.jpg (137345 bytes)
Seanie attempts to take on the 2001 Red Rocks Bleacher Undefeated Gold Medalist...and fails me_seanie_red_rocks.jpg (106426 bytes)
Up at Evergreen danielle_me_monkey_boy.jpg (114357 bytes)
Rob, he may not know his age but he is aware that he's surrounded by world class Nonces wayne_rob_rian.jpg (96468 bytes)
Kelly stumbles into the flange-trap kelly_rob_jb_me.jpg (84617 bytes)
Ray can't help but intimidate Kerry into looking bored lance_kerry_ray.jpg (68132 bytes)
Ray "beacon" O'Connell whitey.jpg (131371 bytes)
"Keep your 'ands off my bird" jb_john.jpg (88808 bytes)
Rochelle & Sunanda, before the intrusion sunanda_seanie_rochelle.jpg (66789 bytes)
jb_seanie_nick.jpg (73135 bytes)
Tried to get a photy of Rian but even the slightest part of Ray's head fools the camera into thinking it's staring at the sun... whitey_tonighty.jpg (118101 bytes)

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