Apr I '02

Dual birthdays (Kelley/Steph) on April 2.

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me_jb_adam.jpg (181390 bytes)
Haute cuisine arrives at Pearl St for Easter dinner easter_dinner.jpg (199271 bytes)
Jay likes his new job jay_renee.jpg (236098 bytes)
renee_jay.jpg (185331 bytes)
Steph's 1969 b'day steph_bday2.jpg (192183 bytes)
Crazy Asian cafe john_lindsay2.jpg (175258 bytes)
Another shot of Tania's hair steph_bday3.jpg (236749 bytes)
Ryan rocks up steph_bday.jpg (168947 bytes)
Old friends steph_me.jpg (122799 bytes)
Disturbing car ride downtown me_jb.jpg (114741 bytes)
The trauma spills out onto the card lindsay_kelley_card.jpg (122608 bytes)
John makes a welcome visit to Denver at last john_lindsay.jpg (134958 bytes)
Fran is Morrissey fran_morrissey.jpg (107394 bytes)
Kelley is Drunk kelley.jpg (161792 bytes)
The (fleeting?) housemates housemates.jpg (187409 bytes)
"Please, one more unflattering shot" me_kelley_jb.jpg (101919 bytes)
Lindsay mistakes the horse tranquilizers for metabolife**. lindsay.jpg (124656 bytes)
The house that Barry built? lindsay_john.jpg (124165 bytes)
"DP" girl to the rescue diet_pills_girl.jpg (95983 bytes)
Trop tard kelley_bday.jpg (129677 bytes)
StephV in the house me_lindsay_steph.jpg (131778 bytes)
Shiv in Tonks-style action shiv_phone.jpg (99185 bytes)
Pallor steph_shiv_me.jpg (103395 bytes)
Fran points out where the packets are fran_me_food.jpg (195535 bytes)
Our knackered TV/VHS/DVD/Stezza me_jb_adam.jpg (181390 bytes)

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