Feb '01

Capering in CO

Cheers to Nicky for his photes, up yours Flange for losing my camera.

Click on image for bigger piccy.

Downtown Denver is nippy snow_work.jpg (62679 bytes)
Husky trying to, erm, nip Al in the tomatoes al_dog.jpg (48168 bytes)
Allan 'the raspberry' Laframboise Allan_Al.jpg (44904 bytes)
Brainbusters Incarnate -- Al & Jane brain_busters.jpg (55051 bytes)
Mobile Narcotics Unit? Nah, Fondue evening for AA david_chills.jpg (123700 bytes)
Ab Fab appearance from Steph flange_fork.jpg (96143 bytes)
Flange seeks employment as Jacuzzi lid opener. Stick to the clubbing, Sean. flange_jacuzzi.jpg (58660 bytes)
Road to Montezuma flange_kelly.jpg (58868 bytes)
Snowboarding lesson for the Antipodean Eejits. Percy, for f***'s sake lose that kit. flange_racoon.jpg (50423 bytes)
Incredible day, Feb 4. Best skiing imaginable keystone_front_powder.jpg (61142 bytes)
Katie, la prossima? Katie_big.jpg (70344 bytes)
"Il neige encore, ma petite fleure" large_snow.jpg (45750 bytes)
Great camera me.jpg (37232 bytes)
Du vin? me_drink.jpg (128777 bytes)
Kelly in 'rent-a-girlfriend-pose' mode me_kelly.jpg (49677 bytes)
me_steph.jpg (137743 bytes)
Barrett & Justin, two of my children men_at_work.jpg (55278 bytes)
Jon & Nick, deux nonces extraordinaires nick_jon.jpg (63246 bytes)
oh.jpg (120268 bytes)
Roger 'Oscar' W. Top marks for the cabin, amico. rogerw.jpg (77141 bytes)
Scotia: "It's got 5 phalanges, so as it can leap up at you better" scotia_al.jpg (153077 bytes)
The Tubs on high tubbies.jpg (54961 bytes)
Students embraces teacher the_class.jpg (79801 bytes)
Sushi, next best thing to sushi_dinner.jpg (58213 bytes)
A bit Starship Enterprise, the Flange follows Rob snow_cartrip1.jpg (27884 bytes)
Kelly finds the sun, and pregnancy. snow_kelly_left.jpg (50401 bytes)
Sake -- the taste for a bleached generation. sushi_dinner_flanges.jpg (52205 bytes)

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