Aug II '01

Birthday celebrated in the usual fashion plus half marathon madness 

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ambulance.jpg (81668 bytes)
Maura has to improvise -- Chateau Neuf du Pape instead of a roller maura_kitchen.jpg (87721 bytes)
JB does the dirty on the fish jb_insane.jpg (83953 bytes)
maura_mel.jpg (89864 bytes)
A raging success dinner_table.jpg (101402 bytes)
Adam & Simon (if not the perpetrator, the instigator) join me for the run.  ambulance.jpg (81668 bytes)t
Up in Georgetown, Aug 11 me_adam.jpg (94589 bytes)
Simon plans the operation to win by bloodying his feet simon_georgetown.jpg (89155 bytes)
Er, is that a bloke with a pushchair/stroller beside me? Showed him, as I injested some amphetamine/steroid cocktail to sprint in for the last push me_race.jpg (31418 bytes)
Yet another Fado's start (and nearly finish) to the evening me.jpg (66511 bytes)
JB eyes up his next victim(s) bitsy_jb.jpg (69315 bytes)
Camille in a moment of clarity camille_kim.jpg (61713 bytes)
Those glasses are hot cakes danni_katie.jpg (70934 bytes)
Roger shows his gnashers glenn_roger.jpg (59251 bytes)
Camille can't bear it kim_chris.jpg (63163 bytes)
With Graham...purple hooters & resembling a lizard me_graham.jpg (62805 bytes)
Renee, accompanied by her standard issue vrinvrinvrin me_heather_renee.jpg (84667 bytes)
Katie's b'day gift me_kt.jpg (67488 bytes)
Neil -- knows how to neck lager neil_wayne_me_abbey.jpg (73329 bytes)
Combating those rumours of rural idiocy, Ray shows himself to be a real egghead. ray_me.jpg (62337 bytes)
JB shows his mettle, amongst other things 

[ Penis courtesy of Nixta Click here for full size ]

JB -- vas y vonce! regi_jb_danes_me.jpg (79541 bytes)
Sandwiched between a salamander and a spacca salamander.jpg (75298 bytes)
Nick announces that Wayne is his illegitimate lovechild wayne_nick_glenn.jpg (87073 bytes)
An ignoble end to the insanity me_floor.jpg (78793 bytes)

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