Dec I '01

More adventures in CA -- Alexis' b'day in Santa Cruz and a madcapped dash from Reno down to the Bay

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me_jb.jpg (84637 bytes)
It's taken 5 long years, but we finally kick Nicholas Igor Furness in the gonies and out the door nick_me_jb.jpg (103796 bytes)
And don't let me catch you looking back in anger. nick_me_jb2.jpg (104899 bytes)
Outside the A Bar me_abar.jpg (65179 bytes)
Brooke bursts onto the scene me_tanya_brooke.jpg (71647 bytes)
Steph with chaos steph_chaos.jpg (132687 bytes)
Jason Pierce, of little-known band (in US), Spiritualized in another titchy venue. jason_pierce.jpg (84002 bytes)
In Santa Cruz to celebrate Alexis coming of age alexis.jpg (86838 bytes)
With a new, mature slant on life alexis_alex.jpg (82422 bytes)
Birthday cake to match alexis_bday.jpg (120505 bytes)
Katie gets me the short surfboard for my inaugural surf lesson me_kt_surf.jpg (143189 bytes)
JB & I, down & out on our luck, are forced to fly to Reno, Nevada, and cane it over the mountains to SF for the weekend jb_nevada.jpg (107817 bytes)
...not a problem, with the aid of the local RB cum aphrodisiac me_potion.jpg (98718 bytes)
Two thirds of the Honeybadgerz? me_jb.jpg (84637 bytes)
Renee pops out for a spot-the-difference shot renee1.jpg (101611 bytes)
Tanya gives it away renee2.jpg (107672 bytes)
In explaining his MBA Travis tries unwittingly to leverage his synergy, the old-school yupster travis.jpg (88975 bytes)
JB, how close to being in credit are you? jb.jpg (130595 bytes)

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