Jan I '02

Paris for NYE with Scotia, Al, Lindsay, John, Dave, KT. Scene of much frigid walking.

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group_nye_bar.jpg (269107 bytes)
A little pre-outage nourishment arf_arf.jpg (140781 bytes)
Figuring out the Metro is a little too much scotia_dave.jpg (215464 bytes)
Off to the Champs Elysees girls_champs.jpg (91132 bytes)
Katie imbibes from the poisoned chalice kt_champagne.jpg (237640 bytes)
Lindsay's bro' Dave dave_lindsay.jpg (193429 bytes)
Al hasn't had a shag in a while... pole.jpg (254912 bytes)
Something about that lamppost... scotia_kt.jpg (222271 bytes)
Al's court jester hat al_champagne.jpg (195253 bytes)
scotia.jpg (211709 bytes)
The last of the pre-attack shots me_al.jpg (142503 bytes)
Somehow we get in somewhere group_nye_bar.jpg (269107 bytes)
al_me.jpg (241813 bytes)
Not sure how Kelly would handle this size of glass me_big_glass_al.jpg (175460 bytes)
Ho ho ho, resembling Arthur-Daley-meets-Santa me_kt.jpg (164422 bytes)
Losing track of time me_scotia.jpg (214833 bytes)
The main mace victims do a little bonding scotia_john.jpg (254217 bytes)
The only club that will take Mace Sprayed crew group.jpg (91071 bytes)
Back on the road group2.jpg (124604 bytes)
Sort of a Sherlock Holmes night foggy_eiffel.jpg (40813 bytes)
Another place where the camera was nearly nicked by the marauding mob john_linds.jpg (75374 bytes)
Ending up in some dodgy club dodgy_club.jpg (84276 bytes)
The day after kt_scotia.jpg (249491 bytes)

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