Mar I '02

Seanie afterparty, Vail & Beaver Creek weekend, Luvvy award show & Pearl St soiree

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pearl_morning.jpg (169886 bytes)
Pre-Sanctuary gettogether chez Flange danielle_mike_percy_me.jpg (99922 bytes)
Danielle grins & bears it danielle.jpg (91320 bytes)
explaining.jpg (69161 bytes)
me_percy.jpg (90807 bytes)
JB and his monkey t**ticles kelly_david_jb.jpg (86548 bytes)
Annie plays the victim victim_david.jpg (89771 bytes)
Rob her tormentor weirdo_jb.jpg (75699 bytes)
Impromptu camel pose yoga2.jpg (76833 bytes)
me_jb.jpg (67615 bytes)
kelly_david_jb_roger.jpg (102245 bytes)
Gloworm jb_sleeping_bag.jpg (82623 bytes)
JB does Rabbit Pose to sleep jb_asleep.jpg (91082 bytes)
Seany labours to get the red wine out of the carpet red_wine_stain.jpg (109638 bytes)
Last ever gaze from Brookes Tower? gazing_out.jpg (96249 bytes)
Jay cuts loose jay.jpg (104236 bytes)
Kevin avec oiseau kevin_bird.jpg (140256 bytes)
Michael offers Kevin a massage mike_kevin.jpg (117262 bytes)
One frostbitten day in the Beave with Mike, Jay & Kevin (aka Real Vail residents who actually ski) mike_kevin_jay.jpg (117686 bytes)
Awards night lindsay_jb.jpg (140369 bytes)
A bizarre night of booze, silly music and impromptu thankyous sarah_lindsay.jpg (107256 bytes)
What about me?

[What about the photies you promised?] 

catieb_barmaid.jpg (143551 bytes)
Rich takes a break from tending the bar rich.jpg (151819 bytes)
Catie congratulates January on her moving into Pearl Street for April catie_january.jpg (131130 bytes)
rich_catie.jpg (395520 bytes)
Beaver Creek with Alexis & Katie alexis_me_kt.jpg (161541 bytes)
JB's jeep requires half a roll of duct tape for the purposes of securing the roof jb_jeep.jpg (248529 bytes)
Blue Sky Beaver? kt.jpg (120667 bytes)
14.5 inches of new snow kt_lexy.jpg (240831 bytes)
If you got there at 9am... lindsay_dave.jpg (165665 bytes)
me_lexy.jpg (205331 bytes)
Er, the only shot of the party? me_kt.jpg (162226 bytes)
Stumbling out of the house at 7am pearl_morning.jpg (169886 bytes)
The Kentucky Inn is open 19 hours a day kentucky_inn.jpg (235238 bytes)
Not an everyday occurrence...yet  kentucky_inn2.jpg (149001 bytes)

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