Oct III '01

Tube titillation & restaurant repose -- yet more on-the-razz photies from Londra

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monkey_tube.jpg (116109 bytes)
Sunday morning. Of course, Larry Hagman would have had this on an average day dead_soldiers.jpg (208447 bytes)
Bob embarks on his sports car debut bob_barchetta.jpg (122086 bytes)
Jane & Al, lavvly. jane_and_al.jpg (88325 bytes)
Ride that train steph_jane_alistair.jpg (70273 bytes)
A tube journey of only 3 stops... another_fab_philip_face.jpg (97003 bytes)
...yields more photos than a 2 week holiday for a family of six caught_in_the_act.jpg (115069 bytes)
Tube dilemma: to snoop into your neighbour's reading matter bizarre_train_me.jpg (120685 bytes)
She truly wanted a holiday in the sun...and to be rid of us bizarre_train_woman.jpg (187194 bytes)
Jane reveals the cause of her suntan jane_tube.jpg (103979 bytes)
Middlesex men me_al_tube.jpg (119696 bytes)
Swinging from the tube rafters monkey_tube.jpg (116109 bytes)
me_alistair_jane_tube.jpg (130578 bytes)
Black bogies beware Nosey.JPG (118370 bytes)
Football fantasy for Dan renee_dan.jpg (127885 bytes)
Renee rocks out ride_that_train.jpg (165601 bytes)
steph_renee_tube.jpg (119146 bytes)
OK, basta cosi' tube_shot.jpg (101883 bytes)
Ben's Thai restaurant, Maida Vale dinner.jpg (221160 bytes)
Bob & Riffy invest in his & hers tops riffy_bob.jpg (82856 bytes)
Sarah: still not as tall as Bozz sarah_bob.jpg (133147 bytes)
Portrait of a waster as a not-so-young man me.jpg (81166 bytes)
The jumper gets stuck steph_aussie.jpg (164806 bytes)
Steph is befriended by some beer-gutted Aussies steph_aussies.jpg (209336 bytes)
Steph's Stein  steph_stein.jpg (165761 bytes)
Nothing finer, after a delicious Thai curry & beers, than to follow up with half a kilo of choccy & crisps a_fine_meal.jpg (125412 bytes)
Every (chocolate) junky's like a setting sun jane_floor.jpg (118457 bytes)

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