Dec/Jan I '01/02

Pre/Post xmas shots, including Amsterdam & Glenn/Jill farewell fondue

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group_dam.jpg (263065 bytes)
Starts snowing, innit al_bikes.jpg (303300 bytes)
al_bikes2.jpg (311276 bytes)
Indonesian overblown indonesian_restaurant.jpg (235436 bytes)
As cold as it looks me_kt_amsterdam.jpg (166787 bytes)
After a fantabulous Van Gogh museum expedition kiddy_dam.jpg (206807 bytes)
In search of the Smart shops kt_scotia_dam.jpg (249207 bytes)
group_dam.jpg (263065 bytes)
Scotia is reminded of Boston warmth scotia_rink.jpg (150266 bytes)
Bidding Glenn farewell glenn_2_fingers.jpg (170006 bytes)
What else? cheese_fondue.jpg (175917 bytes)
Carnage fondue_closeup.jpg (210718 bytes)
Barrett & Shiv gaze on more_fondue.jpg (210082 bytes)
Bob the Builder is still the main attraction bob_the_builder.jpg (163934 bytes)
Dissenters head for the chocolate danes_simon.jpg (156464 bytes)
Glenn mouthing off about somethingorother glenn_mouth.jpg (182116 bytes)
January tests positive for cheese poisoning january_me.jpg (156794 bytes)
Jill eyes JB taking a hit for dropping into the pot jb_jill.jpg (152640 bytes)
jb_red_eyes.jpg (123010 bytes)
Addios, Jill jill.jpg (182127 bytes)
Lindsay loves Bob lindsay_btb.jpg (119308 bytes)
EU-style overproduction lindsay_jb_top.jpg (144388 bytes)
Team down under sneak in team_down_under.jpg (137698 bytes)

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