Dec V '01

Softy & Amy tie the knot, tail-end of Australia trip, moving into Vail house

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surf1.jpg (129682 bytes)
The vinyard kt_kelly_vinyard.jpg (137959 bytes)
The man with the golden code, Mr Bill Peden me_bill.jpg (107517 bytes)
Flange in bloodsucking pose seanie_al.jpg (122430 bytes)
In bocca al lupo, kids amy_james.jpg (129587 bytes)
Former Gaylord roommates discuss the subsequent decline in their standard of living quarters al_softie.jpg (86071 bytes)
Oh, er, what's this doing here? barry.jpg (107496 bytes)
"Fancy a quickie behind the bike sheds?" amy_al.jpg (114840 bytes)
Che bella ragazza bella.jpg (120006 bytes)
"Dont f*** with my" -- Bill takes notes. bill_reflects.jpg (106017 bytes)
Getting ugly softus.jpg (154500 bytes)
Ken Johns flies in, gets swept away by the whole romance gig me_ken.jpg (95086 bytes)
"Oh" me_kt_wedding.jpg (108858 bytes)
David's penthouse, jacuzzi & views to inspire david_penthouse.jpg (143948 bytes)
Al has done well to live there david_penthouse2.jpg (118983 bytes)
Hot hot hot me_kt_manly2.jpg (118792 bytes)
Trying to catch that wave surf2.jpg (145770 bytes)
A few milliseconds before a dive surf1.jpg (129682 bytes)
JB turns the big three oh jb_bday.jpg (137417 bytes)
Steph putting her back into it, Gabi in "onlooker" role gabbi_steph_move.jpg (94839 bytes)
Elizabeth has a wonderful day with the truck elizabeth_truck.jpg (96216 bytes)
Lindsay pitches in me_lindsay_bed.jpg (127577 bytes)
Becky becomes the first Vail house guest moments later first_guests.jpg (120883 bytes)
Celebrating moving into the house, we finally manage a glass of champagne after 40 minutes continuous whooping me_renee_steph.jpg (105291 bytes)
Twin headed shower me_renee_shower.jpg (102831 bytes)
Mini-jacuzzi bath me_steph_bath.jpg (96780 bytes)
Inaugural yoga pose renee_steph_vail.jpg (118853 bytes)
"So" excited steph.jpg (124038 bytes)
The guests sleep zone vail_balcony.jpg (112273 bytes)
The morning after morning_after.jpg (95312 bytes)
Learning the meaning of ratchets, bed construction and pain steph_bed.jpg (123309 bytes)
First morning -- fresh snow first_morning.jpg (121816 bytes)

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