July III '01

Party for Lindsay Katie, who departed in July. Katie was 27 years old, and leaves behind a bed, a roommate and a boyfriend. She will be sorely missed.

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me_kt_lindsay.jpg (71498 bytes)
(private joke)

(but very amusing)

katie.jpg (73656 bytes)
Catie, denouncing the idea that acting is just a combination of waiting and/or prostitution? catie_sarah.jpg (63702 bytes)
Before awful 'air cut me_nick.jpg (77634 bytes)
Out for a bit of cheap sushi me_kt_lindsay.jpg (71498 bytes)
Party for whom? lindsay_et_al.jpg (88476 bytes)
Buffalo '77? lindsay.jpg (93648 bytes)
I wish you'd just shut up adam_nick_me_adrian.jpg (93435 bytes)
Pete tries an Ash GQ boys.jpg (76443 bytes)
"Yeah right" camille_katie.jpg (92246 bytes)
Act II, Scene I


catie_randoms.jpg (88834 bytes)
Adrian inspires newly-weds & pre-weds alike foobars.jpg (81098 bytes)
JB gets pretentious with the lil finger (should be bent more, darling) gang.jpg (104670 bytes)
January debuts january_et_al.jpg (78577 bytes)
Captain 'JB' Hartley cooks up a storm 

(a sake storm, certainly enough to give the sensation of being seasick)

jb_sake.jpg (99070 bytes)
Vas Y Vonce! katie_boys.jpg (91496 bytes)
Camille, still recovering from NE katie_camille.jpg (58263 bytes)
The sofa splits in two (and turns 80s) katie_lindsay.jpg (111273 bytes)
Katie gets good ____ katie_lindsay2.jpg (94180 bytes)
Buona notte me_kt.jpg (61100 bytes)
Taking a break from concocting lethal cocktails me_lindsay.jpg (93902 bytes)
CO blondies Kim/Shanana showing off their gnashers renee_kim.jpg (66684 bytes)
Er, the end of the night, just before a day or work & a 19 hour roadtrip me_kt_drunk.jpg (82287 bytes)
Shaggy & Misty get knotted shaggy_misty.jpg (71543 bytes)

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