Feb I '02

Parties in Gaylord & Vail -- where else?

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vail_group.jpg (192795 bytes)
Party for Steph Stoppenhagen's 30th in Gaylord, seen here shielded by an over protective Brityank steph_eyes_closed.jpg (92931 bytes)
"Help, this person's after me big-time". Adam tries to escape Catie's coy clutches adam_catie.jpg (95293 bytes)
Balding blokes in boisterous banter baldies.jpg (139048 bytes)
Rachelle is Diane (Shelley Long) from Cheers rachelle_percy.jpg (100505 bytes)
Shannon gets intense in Hemingways shannon.jpg (93061 bytes)
Michael 'gimp boy' Ellis sublets my Vail slot for February catie_gimp.jpg (101814 bytes)
With Linday & Mike, after an afternoon of hiking around Vail me_mike_lindsay.jpg (137576 bytes)
Mike pretends to board gimp_vail.jpg (94533 bytes)
In the kiddie zone mike_me.jpg (116182 bytes)
Out on the town vail_group.jpg (192795 bytes)
Some bambino is wigged out to see an older sibling wig_double.jpg (164655 bytes)
Slumming it in Vail beads.jpg (150944 bytes)
Chained to the floor heart_shaped.jpg (143364 bytes)
Michael sorts some tunes out michael.jpg (124361 bytes)
J "H" B jhb.jpg (104080 bytes)
Paranoia grips all lindsay_kelly_jb_andy.jpg (129828 bytes)
Is this dude trustworthy? dude.jpg (155489 bytes)
Seanie takes a photie from the guest zone from_upstairs.jpg (106614 bytes)
That sofa was designed for lazing me_jb.jpg (133714 bytes)
Sean & Kelly seem unable to escape CO me_seanie_kelly.jpg (153696 bytes)
Andy Doran joins the crew for the weekend, having never previously been to a ski resort. He may not be returning soon. sean_andy.jpg (75469 bytes)
Bitsy goes out on a limb for her bloke du jour bitsy.jpg (123272 bytes)
The stinkiest dog breath smelly_dog.jpg (110452 bytes)
Elizabeth & Gabi elizabeth_gabi.jpg (78234 bytes)
Gabbi's bit on the side, Chris chris.jpg (87798 bytes)
On the Club Sanctuary Couch elizabeth_me_gabbi.jpg (106208 bytes)
Bitsy bathes in the afterglow of some purpleberry bubblebath bitsy_bath.jpg (107249 bytes)
He gets his tongue in everywhere renee_biggie.jpg (170922 bytes)
Biggie gives me a licking me_steph_biggie.jpg (142900 bytes)
Steph, keeping a watchful eye on us all steph_edit.jpg (11304 bytes)

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