Dec II '01

Alex' b'day under a shooting-star soaked sky, Los Gatos and a blissed-out Sunday

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group2.jpg (124995 bytes)
Blakely blows bubbles for Alex' b'day alex_blakey.jpg (96512 bytes)
The key balloon inflaters me_jb_kt.jpg (112191 bytes)
Kickoff me_kt.jpg (121942 bytes)
Alexis is taking noneofit alexis_virginia.jpg (97034 bytes)
The second girl from the left has seen the light of god and is consequently  unafraid me_tanya_laughs.jpg (107366 bytes)
Depart for Los Gatos? steph_los_gatos.jpg (126282 bytes)
3 lovely lasses or... renee_steph_tanya.jpg (106569 bytes)
...some sort of dancing Menver Angels troupe? renee_steph_tanya2.jpg (79853 bytes)
Back with a bag of goodies, after a monster drive ending in Barrydom me_kt2.jpg (101523 bytes)
Back to show the Denver party spirit... sofa.jpg (108742 bytes)
...the mighty couch sofa_2.jpg (112166 bytes)
Californians show us how it's done sofa_good.jpg (141099 bytes)

Like this font, my shirt colour seems to change at some stage

me_jb_balloons.jpg (104436 bytes)
Chilling out for brekky the next day me_kt_outside.jpg (110025 bytes)
The Bay alexis_jb.jpg (122456 bytes)
Mimosas priced very reasonably at $14 each group.jpg (113536 bytes)
Afoot Pot Hill group2.jpg (124995 bytes)
Consequently bugger off to the cheapest skankpit (bar500) SF can offer us alexis_me_katie.jpg (148190 bytes)
Travis knows when he's being hustled by a couple of pros travis_renee_alexis.jpg (184482 bytes)

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