Aug III '01

Birthday party for the Monger, Cathy throws a pink slip party. Mike briefly in town. Nick investigates his sexuality...vicariously.

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group_dinner.jpg (100156 bytes)
Danielle looks a bit 666 danielle_eyes.jpg (96989 bytes)
Danielle trying to molest Flange. Puritan that he is. danielle_flange.jpg (69730 bytes)
Mike: overpaid, overweight, over 'ere danielle_mike.jpg (78901 bytes)
Collective Cooking elizabeth_kitchen.jpg (83064 bytes)
The Rannery Pad looks a little bare flange_pad.jpg (67453 bytes)
Flange in mellow-mode flange_shocked.jpg (87235 bytes)
If Flange doesn't like to be seen as a comic-book character (see previous Events entry), why does he insist on taking out his Terminator eyes? flange_terminator.jpg (369266 bytes)
Nick performs various interviews group.jpg (89748 bytes)
Mike reveals to us that his diet of pizza & ice-cream has no room for other foods group_dinner.jpg (100156 bytes)
Something in the soup makes 4 out of 5 people squint group_squint.jpg (93411 bytes)
All of our wine glasses have been smashed by birds of ill repute jb_elizabeth.jpg (103568 bytes)
jb_elizabeth2.jpg (67998 bytes)
Nick's on the warpath me_nick.jpg (99482 bytes)
"Stuff something in your mouth, and I'll see what we can do" (Flange) lindsay_scarfs_sthg.jpg (96321 bytes)
"Who's the bigger eejit?" me_flange.jpg (86276 bytes)
Nick confronts his demons nick_lindsay.jpg (72299 bytes)
Nikki giving it someothat nikki_lindsay.jpg (67184 bytes)
Lindsay tries to challenge the winner of the Gaylord 2001 Table Footy challenge

[yes, yes, there were no other participants]

one_winner.jpg (69480 bytes)
With our (already poor) conversation diminished by vin, we head to the table footy for some primeval score-settling  table_footy.jpg (93775 bytes)
Rreeeeoooowwww reeeooowww.jpg (82565 bytes)
A neet oot on the toon mike_group.jpg (89145 bytes)
Drop into Residence afterclub club rannery_180.jpg (164769 bytes)
Monica drops in monica_me.jpg (106525 bytes)
We set off from the lift, having reassured the doubting Thomases at the rental shop that we knew what we were doing... wp_bikes.jpg (103428 bytes)
Flange has 2 crashes in 3 minutes, sort of like Man U vs Bayern in 99...but more amusing for all spectators wp_flange_crash.jpg (123743 bytes)
Cycling up that hill wp_jb.jpg (84069 bytes)
Percy laughs off his hat ...or maybe thinking about his skiwear wp_lift.jpg (86087 bytes)
Didn't need no magic mushrooms...the altitude combined with uphill cycling caused stars in the eyes me_mushies.jpg (251850 bytes)
wp_rain.jpg (78259 bytes)

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