Sept II '01

Real Madras, a precursor for England perhaps, win the league. More Californian capery in Carmel.

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real_madras_wall.jpg (124042 bytes)
Several instant steroid infusions later ("goo") & it's a sprint for the finish last sprint.jpg (94052 bytes)
"If only it hadn't been for the dunny-stop" phil.jpg (69661 bytes)
They think it's all over A-S-P.jpg (73004 bytes)
Cycling around the ocean bike_me.jpg (90561 bytes)
Knackering hike with Sarah & Aaron group_carmel.jpg (91078 bytes)
Sarah proves dependable... sarah_me_kt.jpg (83072 bytes) the provision of luxury accom kitchen_carmel.jpg (78396 bytes)
Stephen King-style thick fog enshrouds me_sea.jpg (58475 bytes)
Cliff top jacuzzi with the waves crashing below me_kt_carmel.jpg (104177 bytes)
Carmel surf for Katie kt_carmel.jpg (77369 bytes)
Frantic cycling kt_gg_park.jpg (98283 bytes)
Atop the Golden Gate Park me_kt_bikes.jpg (87718 bytes)
Believing it to be JB's camera, I thought I'd leave him a gift me.jpg (70732 bytes)
Rannery shows us his golden tongue sarnie me_flangey.jpg (65214 bytes)
Me, er, hugging myself. Courtesy of the bird. me_kt_bed.jpg (53797 bytes)
Ocean beach me_kt_ocean_beach.jpg (68288 bytes)
Not the Mediterranean me_penguin.jpg (84172 bytes)
Katie on Petroh hill kt_alex_apartment.jpg (80197 bytes)
Another acquisition (Schlumberger), another company photy me_work.jpg (86135 bytes)
Last of the summer brine real_madras_sunshine.jpg (118994 bytes)
real_madras_wall.jpg (124042 bytes)
Roger Wilde is unstoppable rogerw_girlfriend.jpg (59411 bytes)
work_nonces.jpg (86634 bytes)
Celebrating Percy's b'day & Flange's unexpected departure, which may or may not have been caused by the single women of Denver percy_jason_flangey.jpg (89171 bytes)

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