Aug I '01

Tail end of San Francisco trip & Ron/Mel/Emily hit town

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group_car.jpg (80973 bytes)
Vrin vrin vrin me_libbs.jpg (85611 bytes)
Caught in Tonkin-esque pose! me_phone.jpg (63462 bytes)
group_night.jpg (60319 bytes)
A romantic stroll through the soot-filled, airport-decibel motorway tunnel kt_tunnel.jpg (52174 bytes)
Suede Sisters lex_kt.jpg (53336 bytes)
The American Insanity Act (over 21 for pubs) keeps us from the bars libbs_austin_lex.jpg (79574 bytes)
Travis tears up the town travis_me.jpg (57024 bytes)
The coldest winter I ever spent... austin_libbs.jpg (65113 bytes)
Temperatures to rival Scarborough austin_libbs2.jpg (60274 bytes)
A plus tard me_katie_golden_gate.jpg (62372 bytes)
Twisty street in American city shocker windy_street.jpg (113622 bytes)
Ron/Mel/Emily in JB jeep group_car.jpg (80973 bytes)
Mel reacts well to the news of imminent dispatching mel.jpg (67578 bytes)
David contemplates the meaning of the term 'Funky Buddha' emily_david.jpg (59205 bytes)
Red Rocks Stage, scene of the bleacher race some moments later me_jb_stage.jpg (110207 bytes)
JB loses race by half a bleacher. Badgers! me_emily_jb.jpg (118181 bytes)
Red "Rock" Bull may have been instrumental in the result red_bull_rocks.jpg (113587 bytes)
Emily considers a brief flight emily_red_rocks.jpg (78690 bytes)
Oh Lookout!  Mountain lookout_mtn.jpg (93813 bytes)
JB -- stressed out exec that he is picnic.jpg (90810 bytes)
Washed out in the park me_jb_emily_park.jpg (114060 bytes)
Sprinklers surface to soak the cell phone jb_park.jpg (89421 bytes)
Renee brings the tools of the (lazy afternoon) trade renee_park.jpg (97101 bytes)
Ron chills out on the Gaylord porch, the relaxation overwhelming his clothing taste me_ron.jpg (76227 bytes)
ron_emily.jpg (61381 bytes)
"No, no, I need goggles" ron_mel.jpg (58129 bytes)

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