Oct I '01

Nick's b'day, Sundanda leaves CO and Elizabeth's b'day limo escapades.

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wigs.jpg (85625 bytes)
Sunanda sets sail for California sunanda_ray.jpg (106339 bytes)
blaming the recession for untimely exit emma_neil.jpg (122505 bytes)
Nick's b'day unexpectedly in CO adam_chris_simon.jpg (102486 bytes)
Raising eyebrows pete_me_nick.jpg (84360 bytes)
me_flange.jpg (106747 bytes)
Flannery last seen here moi.jpg (81101 bytes)
Aaron ends his 3 year long hiatus aaron_graham.jpg (83520 bytes)
Poncing it up in Blue 67 wigs.jpg (85625 bytes)
The little spitfire herself, Tania, outside Citrus tania.jpg (144572 bytes)
Elizabeth captains the limo elizabeth_limo.jpg (90806 bytes)
Several dodgy geezers, that weren't no anthraxs limo2.jpg (93738 bytes)
limo_me.jpg (160879 bytes)
Getting down limo1.jpg (159434 bytes)
Biggie takes Renee on renee_biggie.jpg (103143 bytes)
In unrelated news, Steph & Brian brian_steph.jpg (90583 bytes)
Late night  jacuzzi antics elizabeth_jacuzzi.jpg (78087 bytes)
Mr Big stands tall mr_big.jpg (81872 bytes)
Elizabeth's fluffy bed elizabeth_steph.jpg (83165 bytes)
The last Du outing in the Wynkoop du_wynkoop.jpg (110296 bytes)
Uncle Krakkkka kraka.jpg (66256 bytes)
Barrett, frustrated revolutionary barrett_william.jpg (93138 bytes)
William bows down to Dina & me william_dina.jpg (85457 bytes)
Logan is escorted down Larimer Street by Jill jill_logan_glenn.jpg (82531 bytes)
Glenn & I get to run our own tent, away from the throng. Several score of "Starbucks" later, the scene is somewhat out of control me_glenn_bier.jpg (107291 bytes)
Katie drops in for a mimosa or three group_miata.jpg (98076 bytes)
Katie, Lindsay & Elizabeth girls_miata.jpg (97543 bytes)
Katie bequeaths Lindsay as our Flannery replacement lindsay_katie.jpg (193483 bytes)
Just getting a bit too excited about the car me_jb.jpg (109541 bytes)

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