Dec III '01

Thanksgiving and a trip doon under

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tacky_oz.jpg (174756 bytes)
Pre-Thanksgiving night of excess commences chez nous adam_simon_lindsay.jpg (153664 bytes)
We're saving up to send Lindsay to finishing school rude_lindsay.jpg (102182 bytes)
Bob The Builder -- can he fix our washer & dryer? Can he arse. me_bob.jpg (118637 bytes)
Fly into San Francisco kt_angst.jpg (85113 bytes)
me_kt_thanks.jpg (152454 bytes)
 and over to Marin for Thanksgiving group_thanks.jpg (130782 bytes)
Spot the difference (Tim's camera) me_tim_kt.jpg (165971 bytes)
Conjuring up a cranberry concoction kt_pere.jpg (124624 bytes)
Into Sydney, jetcat over to Manly. Where's the sunshine? kt_harbour_bridge.jpg (118749 bytes)
Waiting on the Manly dogturd for Al me_mad.jpg (133112 bytes)
Down to Garth & Nikki's flat for a little light-headed relief garth_nicky.jpg (87775 bytes)
"I went to Berkeley" or some such pre-fainting noncery me_al_kt.jpg (117066 bytes)
Jogging up to the cliffs kt_mad.jpg (102988 bytes)
Al attracts flies as he once attracted dodgy birds al_flies.jpg (105025 bytes)
Avec Linda, Al continues his sly traditions linda_al_kt.jpg (125472 bytes)
Bowling Green next to cricket ground in Manly manly_cricket.jpg (150945 bytes)
Australia seems to have more varieties of Cadbury stuff than Blighty. Huzzah! me_cadburys.jpg (144676 bytes)
Ausgezeichnet me_kt.jpg (104304 bytes)
Manly beach me_kt_manly.jpg (119739 bytes)
Rocky pool me_manly_pool.jpg (127917 bytes)
They're back. sean_kelly.jpg (97993 bytes)
Manly Surf School for the week surf_school.jpg (121605 bytes)
Wander into Sydney for sushi sydney_sushi.jpg (112010 bytes)
"Coffee explosion" al_kt_spillage.jpg (110032 bytes)
Struth, Bruce, etc. tacky_oz.jpg (174756 bytes)

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