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Louise...Beautiful Inside Slinky
FatboySlim...Ya Mamma Wham!
Stone Roses...Ten Storey Love Song Delicious
U2...Discotheque Where did this song go?
Standing on the ..., Oasis

Continuing their slide into anonymity, the fifth best Oasis album. The endless mid-tempo whinging does not cut it. Still, if you ditch the second side you'll be fine.

oasis_giants.gif (18628 bytes)
The Man Who, Travis

Just a wee bit too slow (bordering on dull), a tad derivative ('As you are' may as well be sung by Radiohead) but otherwise listenable Brit-pop.

TravisNews199.jpg (16016 bytes)
Xtrmntr, Primal Scream

More upbeat than the last effort, but still angsty & not ultra-tuneful. Al didn't listen to it because he thought from the cover it was a computer game. Still, given the mediocrity around it's a diamond in the rough.

PrimalScream0100.jpg (2723 bytes)
Everything is wrong, Moby

Well it would be if you were a god-fearing vegan, wouldn't it? Despite the odd foray into, well, crap metally stuff this album rocks the body that rocks the pardee.

moby_everything.gif (15056 bytes)

And then nothing turned itself inside out, Yo La Tengo

Jury still out as to whether this is a corker, but definitely worth a (sedated) listen.

yolatengo_and_then.jpg (2118 bytes)

Porcelain, Moby (single)

HMS Fable, Shack

Midnight Vultures, Beck


Inferno, Dante Alighieri

Did this bloke single-handedly write us into the Renaissance? Partly a vivid depiction of the chambers of Hell (with some top historical bods), partly a list of the evils by which you could judge your life (albeit with a religious bias).

Dante_Inferno.gif (28383 bytes)
Alan Clarke Diaries

Lecherous, self-pitying, conceited. These were some of his better qualities. Although he is a complete git, you can't help but smile as he explains the ennui of power and the frustration of old age.

Alan_Clark.gif (11299 bytes)
High Fidelity, Nick Hornby

Very much the male version of that other near-middle age paranoia work, Bridget Jones. More thoughtful but less amusing. Not sure how they're going to make a film of it, mind.

HighFidelity.gif (13212 bytes)
Sons and lovers, DH Lawrence

Unfortunately, an influx of technical books is dominating my reading...

sons_and_lovers.gif (13765 bytes)

Cinema / TV

Ghost Dog

A tad violent but a touching account of a bloke losing it in style, ploughing everything he has into the great victim of the twentieth century, ideology.

ghostdog2.jpg (9598 bytes)
American Beauty

Rather a similarity to Fightclub in the job quitting scene, ne? Both get 52 weeks?? A bleeding classic.

ambeauty.jpg (4121 bytes)
Fightclub FightClub.jpg (3913 bytes)

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