University Players

construction_anim.gif (800 bytes)Unfortunately I have access to only a fraction of my photies out here, so these'll have to do 'til the next trip to Blighty...

Player Existence Most Likely To...
Alistair Aitken ala2_sm.jpg (8330 bytes) Scam his way into a "top notch" university
Rob Buckley robb_sm.jpg (8243 bytes) Live in a house, a very big house in the country
Mark Burton markb_sm.jpg (5647 bytes) Move to Sweden
Liz Clarke lizc_sm.jpg (4497 bytes) Forget her own name
Clive Davies davies_sm.jpg (5242 bytes) Wee himself after 10 pints
John "De Gregoire" Gregory degregoire_sm.jpg (5156 bytes) Kill every dog in his neighbourhood (if he had a gun)
Roberto Ferrari    
Garrett Gloyn garrettgloyn_sm.jpg (5839 bytes) Puncture your hand with a compass. Pose for the camera.
Jacquie jacquie_sm.jpg (6087 bytes) Hold an Anne Summers party
Oorlagh Goss sense_sm.jpg (9963 bytes) Lecture you in several languages
Suzanne Holland   Go from Rave to Reformation
Rhys Jones rhysy_sm.jpg (5873 bytes) Buy into some crazy-arsed scheme he found out from a man in a pub in Camden on a Sunday night.
Arthur Meadows

arthurm_sm.jpg (3569 bytes)

Move to America
Simon Meredith simonm_sm.jpg (9193 bytes) Be deviant. Veritable champagne socialist.
Claire Mountjoy   Spend 6 per week to look psychedelic. Piss Garrett off.
Richard Moorby moorby_sm.jpg (7687 bytes) Ponce off to Scotland to do some arty-farty degree
David Priestley priestley_sm.jpg (7885 bytes) Outsport a sporto, outmath a matho, outdig, erm, a diggo.
Rich Sargeant rich_sm.jpg (7951 bytes) Get himself into some sort of sitcom deal with multiple women
Adam Sykes    
Theo Constantinopolis theo_sm.jpg (5000 bytes) Repeatedly refer to Cyprus, North London and 'babs.
Toby Rogers toby_sm.jpg (5725 bytes) Get into an argument with Italians after wrapping himself in a Union Jack ("Fishy Arno"). When in Rome, act like you're on the terraces.
Nick Williams    


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