The Penn Family

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(L To R) Dad, Hezza, Libby, Mum, Bozza, Ginny at the Ditt, 1985

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Name Piccy Role
Monica "Mum" Penn mum_sm.jpg (3507 bytes) An anchor, painter, a poet and top Mum.

And me, well, I am the family kicking post! Someone said "the midwife delivered your children, and you have been delivering them by car ever since".

Gerald "The Big Gezza" Penn dad.jpg (5561 bytes) The pater of the family, Gerald known as The Big Gezza whose passions in life are classic cars, cricket, beer, old churches, wine and of course, his wife and children and grandchildren. Gezza is a Very Big Man in all ways. Likes to wear pastel colours.
Ruth Gibbard grandma_sm.jpg (4597 bytes) Grandma, sharp as ever.
Ginny Marsh ginnyp_sm.jpg (3526 bytes) Virginia Ruth, an English degree student, was once compared to a blizzard. Married to Richard.
Giles Penn giles_sm.jpg (4190 bytes) Family accountant and an expert on Geordie culture, pig-mating and imitating people from Suffolk. Married to Jackie.
Philip Penn philbw_sm.jpg (4634 bytes) Introvert and family black sheep.
Henry Penn hezz_sm.jpg (4745 bytes) Is there a doctor in the house? Got the lion's share of the family brains, shared out with Bozza. They're twins.
Robert Penn bozz_sm.jpg (5034 bytes) Qu'est-ce-qu'on peut dire about this no-nonsense, pretention-free, law-abiding/adjudicating member of the Penn household? Salve!
Libby Pennwebico.jpg (1039 bytes) libbyp_sm.jpg (4298 bytes) Voted by her school to be the next Mrs Thatcher, Libby is not one to shy away from verbally challenging her elders.
Thomas Marsh thomas_sm.jpg (4366 bytes) His vocabulary currently consists of 'golly,golly,golly' (next month's curriculum to include 'gosh').
William Penn william_sm.jpg (4510 bytes) Not an easy start in life - grim Northern Town Birth, overbearing name etc
Richard Marsh richard_sm.jpg (5783 bytes) Married to Ginny. Has known her since birth. They are not blood related.
Jackie Penn jackie_sm.jpg (5087 bytes) Married to Giles (the cheque's in the post). Australian but not very okka.
Sophie Marsh sophie_sm.jpg (3421 bytes) Not afraid to use her lungs, she's been blessed with an old sea dog for a godfather.
George Penn Future soul singer, how's he going to cope with being Wills "Bruiser" Penn's junior sidekick? Stay tuned.
Eleanor Marsh eleanor.jpg (50314 bytes) Latest addition from the Marsh Clan.
Bez (RIP) ben_sm.jpg (6137 bytes) Spiritual Leader / Burglar Deterrent.

Bezza the dog, the retriever who never barks, never learnt to lift his leg, and is the only animal ever to have eaten a complete takeaway curry - complete with the tinfoil container! Was once spray-painted pink by the next-door neighbours (jealousy).



Founding Father? Read the details as revealed by Mum wpenn_sm.jpg (6261 bytes)


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