Cambridge Players

From the pomp of the Puss to the murk of the Millpond, the malevolent meat in Market Sqaure to the splendour of Silver Street, all of these people have graced her streets.

construction_anim.gif (800 bytes)Unfortunately I have access to only a fraction of my photies out here, so these'll have to do...

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Player Existence Most Likely To...
AD Clarke   Quit the city in favour of Suffolk
Andy Hume andyh_sm.jpg (7035 bytes) Make an obscene amount of cash, only to blow it on daft CDs.
Andy Stafford    
Arf arf_sm.jpg (2962 bytes) Get engaged. Race cars.
Barry Fennitt (aka Richard Sennitt barry_sm.jpg (3336 bytes) Get drunk on one glass of wine. Currently MIA.
Ben Bush benbush_sm.jpg (5163 bytes) Drink heavily, wax lyrical
Bid webico.jpg (1039 bytes) bid_sm.jpg (8328 bytes) Organize top gags (such as daft treasure hunts) around Cambridge and Norfolk. Get underpaid at Pearson & (family) Co.
Bob Morgan bobm_sm.jpg (6932 bytes) The UK equivalent of Jason Ihaia...currently MIA
Charlie charlie_sm.jpg (5364 bytes) Stuff chicken wire down his shirt when travelling.

Purchased a dodgy automobile

Claire clairem_sm.jpg (5647 bytes) Join a sinking ship of a company.
Damien Morris damienm.jpg (4441 bytes) MIA (probably with Bob)
Grealish grealish_sm.jpg (7840 bytes) Play the "rounds" game to perfection. Eat lots of curry. Try and start a "rock and roll" band.
Helen Crumley helen_sm.jpg (4169 bytes)  
Ian Mac   Turn up to Quiz nights
Jamie Driver   Chunder in his own house
Jonny Powell jonp.jpg (6521 bytes) Date underaged church-goers
Mary mary_sm.jpg (6504 bytes) Coordinate gags.
Nat Clav natclav_sm.jpg (3467 bytes) Recently became a mummy.
Rich Jepps richjepps_sm.jpg (4411 bytes) Eat four currant buns and a pizza for lunch.
Ron "Doc" Hendy ron_sm.jpg (6818 bytes) Turn his car into a flowerbed.

Wear amusing ski gear in Aviemore.

Get married this summer to Melanie

Rupert Edwards webico.jpg (1039 bytes) rupert_sm.jpg (5162 bytes) Email the Losers
Mike Youell mikeyblaha.jpg (9598 bytes) Be barking mad.

Impersonate superheroes.

There'll be no one to stop us this time.


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