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New Dawn Shades
Friday, 31 October 2008


So, less than a week to go before the world is put to rights. Yay! I wasn't there in Blighty for the momentous change-of-power in 1997. I was, at best, ambivalent about it. Incorrectly, as it turned out. Just as Labour and the Democrats passed through much needed social legislation in the 60s, so the same was true for Blair and, hopefully, Obama et al. But one can't help but feel the weight of expectation may combine fatefully with the impending recession to usher back in a sleezeball in twentytwelve. Fingers crossed.

2 months into parenthood and things are getting marginally easier. The little blighter is smiling, babbling (shades of mum) and kicking (hopefully not a sign of future tantrums)

A shameful amount of proud parent snaps continue to flood the webwaves.

Lots of Ollie becoming a smiler, the occasional nightout, a vail mountain lodge trip, yet more . nipperpix and an outing to the hornet with liam.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Mellow Liam (Ash) & Rager Ollie
In spite of a deliberately mellow pregnancy (lots of island time, no caffeine, little booze etc), it appears as though wee Ollie is a rager. He prefers screaming over sleeping, rioting rather than resting. We've simply no idea where he could have got those genes from.

All the old stereotypes about parenthood are coming home to roost. Namely:-

- The first few days are overwhelming bordering on terrifying. What is one meant to do with a baby that, were it not for the narrowness of the birth canal, would be still in utero for another few months?

- The first few weeks are relentless. 8 to 12 feedings per day is exhausting. Sleep is not only at a premium but frequently in jeopardy. Parental meltdowns are mercifully mitigated by the fact that only one parent melts down at any one time. Gawd knows how single parents handle that.

- New parents quickly become proud parents and start snapping every movement of their (obviously amazing) offspring. Interest in other people's children goes from near-zero to ...non-zero.

- The world shrinks to the house and walkable places  Did manage to get out to the last of the year's nuptials at Danielle & Kevin's wedding. Ollie even managed his first puke on my suit on the way home.

Oliver James Penn
Saturday, 06 September 2008

Oliver James Penn
9 months on from the freak, multi-day power outage / rainstorm in Hawaii, Katie went into early labour midnight September 1. Nearly 48 hours later baby Ollie (Oliver James Penn), took in his first breath and dove out -- September 2nd, weighing in at 7lbs 14oz and 20+ inches. He seems healthy in every way, and his lungs definitely had some oomph . Some snaps of the momentous day. Special thanks to Jess for being such a great birthing-partner. Extra special thanks to Katie for being such an amazing, wonderful Mum.

Last of the pre-nipper events included Keith & Renee's wedding celebration (after they had absconded to Vegas to do the deed). Some footage of one of Ollie's first playtimes...


Shivver Me Timbers
Friday, 15 August 2008

I'll wager you've never seen 10 men...
Peak oil obsession has spilled over into recreational activities. While some have been learning to fly / ride motorbikes, this summer's frosties activities have been biking and sailing. And, indeed, biking to sailing. Just as well.

It's been a mellow summer, including lots of hanging out in the 'hood. Denver was boosted in so many ways by the nth coming of Sean & Kelly, this time with a flangetta.

Dave & Jess block party and JB-Susan visit suitably documented and yet more hanging in the 'hood. Is this the shape of things to come?

Getting cosy
Saturday, 28 June 2008

Eggs are sadly internal
Preparation for the Big Event continues, albeit somewhat soporifically. Literally. Sleep is a key ingredient in the run-up to sleeplessness. In addition, new feathers are being added to the nest in a (probably) vain attempt to mitigate the chaos that is to come; patio for the hammock, flat screen over a fireplace, expanded baby room. Living in cheapo Denver has its bennies when it comes to procreation.

A by-product of the nesting thing is the desire to travel less, so this summer is shaping up to be a record low for carbon use. Just as well given that the drawbridge is rising for airline travel. All those fears from a few years ago seem to be coming true. Which is why the time has arrived for sailing lessons. Originally anticipated for wintering in the Virgin Islands, it may now be the transportation means for getting back to Europe.

The last of the pre-nipper-Penn weddings at Lindsay & Lucas' western CO ranch and some reception & Tonks' bday snaps.

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