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Thursday, 12 February 2009


Moo Cares?
A long time ago I used to get all riled up when people called Denver a no-good, ho-dunky cowtown. That fire no longer burns, although it does occasionally crack & smolder. It was not exactly a ringing endorsement of the place I'm calling home, but the NYT offered up this piece about America's love affair with the West, citing Denver as the place most Americans would like to live. Of course, the survey is tainted with the perturbing, although not unexpected, news that people here seem to prefer McDonalds over Starbys and that they prefer the suburbs to the city.

Anyway, back in London a few years back I was going to learn the ultimate ponce sport that is fencing. Learning the sport here has been a fraction of the cost it would have been there; but that may be correlated to the quality of the tuition. If only the language of fencing were Spanish, not French.

This season has not been a prolific snow season compared with yesteryear, but we did manage a weekend in Keystone before heading to SF for Alexis and Kim's wedding.

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