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Friday, 31 October 2008


So, less than a week to go before the world is put to rights. Yay! I wasn't there in Blighty for the momentous change-of-power in 1997. I was, at best, ambivalent about it. Incorrectly, as it turned out. Just as Labour and the Democrats passed through much needed social legislation in the 60s, so the same was true for Blair and, hopefully, Obama et al. But one can't help but feel the weight of expectation may combine fatefully with the impending recession to usher back in a sleezeball in twentytwelve. Fingers crossed.

2 months into parenthood and things are getting marginally easier. The little blighter is smiling, babbling (shades of mum) and kicking (hopefully not a sign of future tantrums)

A shameful amount of proud parent snaps continue to flood the webwaves.

Lots of Ollie becoming a smiler, the occasional nightout, a vail mountain lodge trip, yet more . nipperpix and an outing to the hornet with liam.

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