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Sunday, 04 May 2008

Time's Up
Stag/Bachelor/Bucks parties have never been my cuppa, primarily because of an aversion to blowing cash on strippers. Lately this stag-aversion seems to be increasing with age. Nor am I alone in this -- most recently a best man remarked that he would like to organize more of a Hen/bachelorette style of party. They just seem more civilized affairs aimed at enjoying & luxuriating, rather than trying to drown oneself in an endless sea of booze. I have no problem with getting wasted, but it's the grim, forced fashion in which the stag party is geared up to that end. Stag events have been, like me, getting old.

To this end, I must thank JB for establishing a new, more enjoyable version of the event -- the stagcathlon. Two teams compete in a clutch of games ranging from the traditional (boat race, go-karting) to the amusing (tricycle race / space hopper race, as below) to the sublime (William Tell). This also has the side-effect of fostering cameraderie between all the stag's accomplices before the wedding. It also results in Clinton-Obama style needs for recounts and argument about who has won a particular event. What could be better?

So Kudos to Hez for organizing Bob's stag do bachelor party, in Oxford, under the same rules. My favourite line of the night was not from a mirror but from Hez exclaiming what remarkable cakes this pub had. Yum.

Pre-wedding a crack team of cream-tea consumers went down to Bath to suss out the nearly-Roman baths. The ceremony was in Hunters Inn, on the edge of Exmoor. Not too many places on earth are much cosier. Quick snap of the Bobca walk.


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