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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Free Huey
Back in the day, I used to show anyone my thoughts on marriage the 4 weddings & a funeral video. Hell, I even bought the dang thing, it's sitting here now alongside Snowriders2 & the Empire Strikes Back. Apart from the wonderfully gratuitous opening swearing scene (amusingly cut short by Christian dogooders at BlockBuster) the moral of the tale seemed to be that weddings were bobbins. The protagonist narrowly avoids his own wedding, and then ends up happily ever after without so much as a civil ceremony, or so i surmised by the syrupy flash-forward ending. Or so I thought. Another interpretation could be that had the Huey character not had a wedding, there would be no jilting and he would still be with the duck woman. Ergo, weddings are still important.

Any road up, another year, another clutch of weddings. Kicking off with JB "I'll never marry" Hartley and the Sooz. Best manly duties were dispatched at the amusing jb bachelor party. Special thanks to Pete Batty for the loan of his downtown condo for the curry/karaoke, and to Davis for providing endless chuckles at the tricycle race. Final results were, sadly: Team UK 4, Team RestOfTheWorld 5. A decathlon is really 10 events so we should probably call it a draw...

The wedding itself was the time-honoured tradition of dragging scores of people thousands of miles away from home -- a destination wedding in deepest Meheeco / Tulum. The nuptials  went down as smoothly as could be for that part of the world.

Some fabulous shots from Aaron , Neil and Pete .


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